January 10, 2024
One SCORE Pilot Updates

The months of November and December allowed the pilot regions to get a feel for the pilot processes. As this is a test, there are still questions we are working closely with leaders in the field to address. These include finding the most effective way for Client Intake Coordinators to understand the capacity and availability of mentors in pilot regions and determining whether we have enough trained interviewers and coaches to have the best volunteer onboarding experience possible.
One key early learning is that mentors who have clear, specific information about their experience and expertise in their profile AND are accepting direct requests are finding that they are attracting more engaged clients and improving their personal mentoring experience. 
"The greatest pushback received early on when discussing the pilot and planning in the field was around mentors accepting direct requests from clients. Surprisingly, this is now one of the most positive things I am seeing and hearing from mentors. The clients are more in tune with mentor experience and expertise, and mentors are really enjoying it."
- Bob Kasprzak, RVP, Central Region
Workshops and events will continue to be a critical piece of who we are and what we do within the small business community. Exactly what a standardized process for this looks like is still being determined as many variables are being tested in this piece of the pilot. We are seeing success in the Mid-Atlantic region thus far. Their workshop centralization efforts, thanks to the leadership efforts of Cathy Mattax, SCORE Mid-Atlantic Region Workshop Chair, are eliminating duplication of efforts and enabling smaller chapters with limited capacity to reach a much wider audience with many more services. The integrated webinar program eliminates the presentation of redundant topics. Subject matter experts, presenters, and hosts are drawn from across the region. Engage-reported workshops in December show a significant increase in attendance over last year.
As we roll out the KPI dashboard to test in pilot regions beginning Feb 1, there will be another opportunity to test whether we are looking at the correct and best metrics to help leaders determine where to focus for the greatest impact. 

For more information on the One SCORE Pilot, please visit our dedicated page on the Support Center.
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