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One Of Our Staff Members Is Retiring!
After 13 years of comforting and embracing those grieving here at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, the time has come for one of the world's best grief counselors to retire. Wilson has brought so much comfort and joy to all those he has encountered during his working years of service at CCPC and it is now time for him to embrace his senior years in total relaxation.
As his retirement quickly approaches, he would like to thank everyone who displayed the same love to him over the years that he in turn gave back in abundance by inviting you to his retirement party!

Please come and join us on Sunday, January 21st between 3 and 5
for Wilson's Celebration!
LaBella Bean Coffee House in Bridgeville
(This is an open house and all are welcome to attend)

Wilson did not have the easiest start in life and his own hardships likely made him into the amazing therapy dog that he has been all of these years. At the age of 3, Wilson was found abandoned with 4 other dogs in an apartment complex. Initially raised to be a stud in the breeding community, I often have said Wilson has been a dog "born to love." This unwavering quality surely carried over into his work as he brought endearment to all those he has encountered.

Rescued in 2005, his journey of healing began at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation. Those that have entered these rooms stricken with grief from the loss of their beloved pet have undoubtedly been consoled by Wilson's love. Whether it be his big brown puppy dog eyes or vivacious, enthusiastic tail, Wilson greeted everyone with such compassion and empathy. Wilson has even inspired families to adopt a new four-legged family member into their home as his company reminded them of the joys of adopting a pet.

Although the time has come to allow Wilson the rest he deserves, you can still expect to see a "sneak peak" of him at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation when he is not engaging in long naps cuddled in his comfy cozy bed. He is going to "pass the baton" of condolence over to his younger brother Colby, who has undoubtedly learned from the best and is excited for his new position!

You are loved by so many Wilson and I am very proud of you! From all of those who you comforted over the years, we thank you for your unconditional love and support and we wish you the very best in your senior doggie years. You are forever in our hearts!

 Upcoming Event

Healing Hearts

Sunday, February 11, 2018

LaBella Bean Coffee House
609 Washington Avenue

This is an event that provides information about your grief and offers suggestions for working through the loss of your pet.

The one-afternoon session is free and will include a speaker to provide grieving families with help and resources to work through the trauma of losing a beloved companion. You will be in a cozy safe environment with other families who know the agony of losing a beloved pet. Families grieving the loss of their pet are welcome whether or not they have worked with Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation.

If you would like to attend, call Deb at

Please visit Healing Hearts for more information
What To Consider When Choosing An Urn

The urn you choose can be the shape of your pet or you can have the figurine in or on the urn. There are urns that are statues shaped like cats or dogs such as this exquisite resin Labrador statue that holds the cremains inside the hollow space in the urn. This magnificent urn truly captures the essence of your beloved companion and is the perfect urn if your family would like to see a representation of your pet.

There are other selections that allow your family to affix a figurine to a box that holds the cremains. There are also urns that show the pet in relief or as a silhouette on the surface of the urn. To learn more about what to consider when choosing an urn, please visit www.ccpc.ws