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Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex

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One-hand operation for up to 50kg

The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex allows you to move lighter goods up to 50 kg ergonomically and with high cycle rates. The control handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows the operator to work for a long period of time without fatigue. With simple one-finger control, lifting, lowering and releasing the load is extremely intuitive.


The JumboFlex’s wide range of features allows it to tackle virtually any task. It comes standard with a quick-change system for replacing the suction cups. Workpieces which are gripped from the vertical side automatically swing back into the horizontal position where they can be continuously rotated.

Learn about JumboFlex

PreciseFlex™ 3400

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World's first collaborative 4-axis SCARA Robot

The PreciseFlex™ 3400 achieves the fastest speeds and accelerations we offer and ensures both ease-of-use and safety that meets ISO/TS 15066 standards.

As a lightweight robot, the PreciseFlex™ 3400 can be carried, mounted on a tabletop, and easily set up by one person using either an easy-to-use web-based interface or an optional advanced programming environment.

Safely operating at full speed around human operators, the PreciseFlex™ 3400 delivers industrial-level throughput and provides a vertical travel of up to 1.2M and a horizontal reach of up to 730MM.

Learn about PreciseFlex 3400

Festo Pneumatic Cylinders

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Fast delivery from local facility

Festo’s Mason Ohio manufacturing facility provides quick delivery of Festo Core products including a variety of pneumatic cylinders. Festo Core products cover about 80% of your automation tasks and are generally ready for shipping in 24 hours.


The round cylinder DSNU with universal variants make it ideal in applications where low friction, chemical resistance or corrosion resistance are required.


The compact cylinders ADN-S are extremely small and light and deliver excellent performance with small movements.


Tie Rod Cylinders – ISO and NFPA Style have identical mounting interfaces, the same technical data and the dimensions correspond to the ISO 15552 standard in both cases.

Learn more about Festo Cylinders

8-Port ECO Unmanaged Switch

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Low cost option for networking

WAGO introduces our new 8 port 10/100Mb/s Ethernet switch. This new ECOnomical switch provides users with a low-cost option for networking up to 8 devices. The switch has an expansive voltage range of 12 to 48 VDC with overvoltage protection enabling application flexibility.


The wide operating temperature of -40 °C to +70 °C / -40 °F to +158 °F enables engineers to use this cost-effective option in an extensive number of applications. 


The compact design with intuitive DIN RAIL adapter allows for easy installation in the control cabinet or junction box.

Learn more about ECO Unmanaged Switch


Monarch Automation Line Card

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IFA Belt Driven Actuators Catalog

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