Taimyr peninsula is in God's heart!
Young people from Talnakh and Dudinka hungry for the truth!
Maxim and Yulia ( their little baby daughter Eva) started youth CLUB outside the church . The goal is t o reach risk group youth - youth that came out of broken homes, criminal past and present) ) etc.. I had the greatest honor to speak to the group of young people . All are different - some do not believe in the existence of God for they grew up in hell and doubt that God who is kind exists at all. Others came out of criminal past or in the process. They hate themselves and they ask questions - why are they here on the earth? We really talked and answered questions. They love to come to these meetings because they feel loved, accepted and they learn that God is the author of their life and soul. I asked them - Tell me at least 3 good qualities of about yourself - and none of them could. They were willing to tell me 10 bad things about themselves. Finally the few with the my help managed say something good about themselves. everybody loved it. And you could tell how little miracles would take place in the souls - the warmth and smiles and masks removed little by littles.
Dudinka boarding school visit!
Children from 11-17 hear old from all over TUNDRA brought to Dudinka boarding school.
T he director of the school loves us and gladly allows us to spend time with young people there. This trip we had a chance to bring the Good news to children who when grow up will go back to the villages and settlements in tundra and will spread it among their relatives. We gathered with small group of girls and talked about Jesus , our lives and answered girl's questions . At the end we prayed a prayer accepting Jesus in our hearts. What an to influence the future of TUNDRA!
Talnakh  was a town located about 25 kilometers (16 mi) north of  Norilsk  at the foot of the  Putoran Mountains  in  Taymyr Peninsula . In 2005 the town was merged into Norilsk.
It is the site of the mines serving the production of  nickel  and other metals in Norilsk's metallurgical industry. The mineral  talnakhite  is named after Talnakh.
From criminal to the disciple of Jesus!
Andrey accepted Jesus into his heart not long ago. He was a n atheist and grew up in an alcoholic home . As the teenager started to use drugs, sell drugs and steal cars. After he was invited to Max's youth club he still was reluctant about believing in Jesus as the Savior . So right after that Andrey was sentenced to prison for car theft for few years. And there in prison he remembered everything Max told him about Jesus and he turned to the Lord for help. Jesus answered and Andrey was released earlier from prison. Today Andrey is a growing follower of Jesus. I loved him immediately. He is so real and truthful and sincere. Guys like Andrey are going to change Russia into a godly nation.
M ax and his daughter Eva! I think God created Adam as a baby! Would not it be cute? After all God will no ask us to do anything He did not do first?)))))) something like raising children.teaching to walk and talk )))
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