February 16, 2022

This morning I opened up the six-page activity report for February that details where MDS volunteers are working and what they are doing—and I got goosebumps. The report, assembled by Gabby Bomberger, program administrative assistant, is entitled “What’s Happening Across the MDS Network.” 

Go ahead. Look over my shoulder and onto the computer screen. You will read about volunteers working coast-to-coast, from British Columbia to Florida, from Alaska to the shores of Maryland. For example, they are mucking out and making repairs to a church basement in Bakersfield, CA. They are building bridges in West Virginia and roofs in Alabama. They are building walls for homes to stand the test of time in south Texas and in Newfoundland. They are responding to floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Not to be outdone, volunteers rose up on the campus of a high school in the Bruderhof community of Esopus, NY where they are building a modular home.

Read out loud the names of towns where hope is arising with new homes and it’s like a symphony of joy: Dayton, Dulac, Mayfield, McAllen and Okanogan, too. Sing the second and third verse of where repairs are happening out of the ashes and mud: Bakersfield, Clendenin, Darby, Eastwick and Hurley. There is Jennings, Knoxville, Lake Charles, Laurel too…. (take another breath), Marianna, Mt. Vernon, Princeton, and Sturgis, too.

Even as I write this, there are other locations I haven’t yet read about, but are just as full of joy.

Won’t you join the mighty chorus? We invite you to pray for this faith in action, to give generously, and to bring your friends and volunteer for a week or more. We urgently need leadership volunteers that can serve for four weeks or more as cooks, crew leaders, office managers, construction supervisors or project directors. Come sing with us. You might get goosebumps too.
Executive Director
Mennonite Disaster Service
Two sisters get ready to learn and serve
in McAllen, Texas
Two widowed sisters are ready to serve and learn with MDS as they carry forward the service of their late husbands while learning about immigration and the U.S. border from service providers, immigrants, and local churches.

The two volunteers will be part of an effort to repair homes damaged in June 2018 flooding and build three homes for La Posada Providencia, a local ministry that offers hospitality to asylum seekers 

Mennonites and Catholics work together
to help a family in Ontario
A family separated by illness is being reunited through the joint efforts of the Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) Ontario Unit and the Roman Catholic Knights of Columbus. 
Through the project, Marc and Carole Jobin and their nine children will be able to live together in the same house for the first time in two years.

If you missed the Annual Celebration
you can still enjoy the video stream!
MDS is hiring

MDS currently has several opportunities to join our team in the U.S. We have opportunities within our volunteer team, our communications team, field operations and support of our units and regions.

One of our positions is the Communications Administrative Assistant which includes oversight of communications projects, working with churches, conferences and partners.

Mennonite Disaster Service recruits, organizes, and empowers volunteers to repair and rebuild the homes of those impacted by disasters in the United States and Canada. We have opportunities for you to volunteer with MDS at various projects this spring!
Thank you for your support!
MDS has volunteer opportunities for Winter 2022.
Your continued support helps with recruiting volunteers, moving equipment, setting up accommodations, replenishing supplies, and many other things needed to get going.
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