April 20, 2022

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Dear {First Name},

Currently, the weather in Winnipeg seems to be struggling to transition from Winter to spring. A recent blizzard, forecast of more snow, and the ongoing pandemic have all made it feel like a very long winter here. The transition is more arduous than we’d like. Yet we trust we will make it through. 

A number of years ago, I read a book by William Bridges called “Transitions: Making sense of Life’s Changes.” The book identified some significant characteristics of transitions that can make them difficult (fear, insecurity, many unknowns), but also identified some of the unique opportunities during times of transitions.  

For example, an uncertain future can be one of the most fertile settings for dreaming or imagining something new. It can be one of the most creative times in our lives—if we aren’t paralyzed by all of the challenges and changes.

The people that MDS helps go through significant transitions after a disaster. Their future may be uncertain. Part of the beauty of MDS volunteers is bringing God’s presence in us—being the hands and feet of Jesus—as survivors undergo the change from their former lives to the new. The promise of God’s presence through all of life’s transitions is one of the greatest gifts any of us can give or receive.

As we transition into the spring season, MDS Canada needs you! Our response in Princeton is wrapping up; we are hoping to be able to finish well there in May. Would you be willing to volunteer and help us out? And our response in Monte Lake, B.C. is just starting up. We are eagerly hoping we’ll get our needed permits soon. Would you be willing to join us this summer as we help fire survivors get home? We’d love to hear from you about that as well! If you would like to volunteer, visit www.mds.org or contact Clara Flores at cflores@mds.org

In all of your transitions, may you know God’s abiding presence.

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Director of Canadian Operations

Mennonite Disaster Service

MDS seeks family volunteers this summer

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Through the MDS Family Program, families can work and serve together in Canada and the U.S.

The projects have age-appropriate work for everyone; even the youngest family members can participate in an MDS volunteer experience! 

The days are filled with a balance of family fun, work, good food, activities, campfires and spiritual growth. It's a great way to introduce children to the work of MDS and the spirit of volunteerism.

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MDS responding to wildfires in Monte Lake, B.C.

In May MDS will begin rebuilding homes in Monte Lake, located about 50 kilometers/30 miles from Kamloops in the B.C. interior.

“While we are responding to help people affected by the floods in Princeton and the Fraser Valley, we also want to help those impacted by the fires,” said Ross Penner, Director of Canadian Operations.

At Monte Lake, 28 structures were destroyed by the White Rock fire, which displaced thousands of people in the area.

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MDS completes work in Florida panhandle

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MDS first offered an early response, then a long-term one, in the wake of Hurricane Michael, which made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida on October 10, 2018 as a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 160 mph.

By the time it reached Marianna, 50 miles from the coast, it was a Category 3 hurricane. It was the third-most intense Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the contiguous United States, causing at least $14.5 billion in damages.

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Mennonite Disaster Service recruits, organizes, and empowers volunteers to repair and rebuild the homes of those impacted by disasters in the United States and Canada. We have opportunities for you to volunteer with MDS at various projects this spring!
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Thank you for your support!

MDS has volunteer opportunities for Spring 2022.

Your continued support helps with recruiting volunteers, moving equipment, setting up accommodations, replenishing supplies, and many other things needed to get going.

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