In this Util-Assist Connections Newsletter:
Read about how Util-Assist is at the forefront of next generation AMI and AI analytics, how we have empowered our workforce during the pandemic, and new additions to our leadership team. 
On the Leading Edge (Again)

When smart meters first appeared on the market, more than fifteen years ago, Util-Assist was at the forefront to guide and support utilities through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) procurements. Now that those smart meters are nearing end of life, Util-Assist is again front and centre, supporting utilities in their AMI refresh efforts.

The technology has advanced significantly since those early deployments. Next generation AMI provides true interoperability and distributed intelligence (“edge computing”) to revolutionize operations and customer service. Contact Util-Assist to learn more.

Charging Ahead

Of all the megatrends affecting the utility industry today, electric vehicle (EV) adoption is creating some of the biggest challenges for utilities as they plan for a future in which EVs are expected to account for 30% of the global vehicle fleet by the end of this decade.

By applying AI-enabled analytics and machine learning to interval data from installed smart meters, utilities are now able to quickly identify load created by EV adoption in their service areas and make better decisions around key parts of their business, from improving the accuracy of demand forecasts to communicating optimal charging times.

Util-Assist is excited to make Grid4C's AI-powered insights available to our clients as part of our overall strategy to help utilities harness the full power of AMI investments. Since 2013, Grid4C has been on the leading edge of AMI-enabled load disaggregation, usage predictions, and appliance-level anomaly and fault detection. Grid4C's solutions help utilities and customers anticipate the impacts of changing customer behaviours and extract more value from behind-the-meter technologies, such as solar, EVs, and smart home technologies. Learn more.
Pivoting in a Pandemic

In a year like no other, Util-Assist showcased its adaptability, agility, and ability to deliver to utilities across North America.

When COVID-19 hit, Util-Assist was on site, overseeing Tampa Electric's advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) program, ensuring alignment across subprojects and dozens of stakeholders. After being sent home, Util-Assist staff jumped into action to engage departments across the utility. Deploying remote collaboration tools, Util-Assist led the team to architect solutions and make critical decisions that affected regulatory, meter operations, customer service, and more.

By adopting distributed technologies and making strategic shifts, Util-Assist has empowered its workforce to accelerate client success. Read our case studies.

All Aboard!

As Util-Assist continues to grow and onboard new staff at lightening speed, we are delighted to welcome Mark Henderson and John McClean to our leadership team. Both are former Alectra Utilities executives who were instrumental in helping Util-Assist expand its service portfolio. 
Mark Henderson will lead the Delivery division as Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Mark is the former president of GridSmartCity and previously served in senior executive roles at Alectra Energy Solutions, PowerStream, and Barrie Hydro. A passionate and energetic leader, Mark brings great potential to strengthen our company and continue to advance Util-Assist’s digital innovation mandate. 
John McClean is stepping into the role of Director, Business Development and Sales. With seventeen years of experience managing the operations divisions of large power utilities, John brings an operational perspective to help grow PowerAssist, SecureAssist and other Util-Assist managed services.
About Util-Assist
Util-Assist’s solutions merge technology with strategy to streamline processes, boost productivity, enable data-driven business decisions, and deliver enhanced customer experiences, transforming how utilities operate and deliver value to their customers. With professional services and managed services for electric water, and gas, utilities rely on us to help them drive digital innovation that shapes the utility of the future.

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