"Well how about being manager? 
Is that something you could swing? 
It means I'm putting you in charge of the whole damn thing!"

I will be performing as Summer, the band manager, one of the girl leads in School of Rock for five shows in September. 

Sunday, Sept 18 - 1pm
Sunday, Sept 18 - 6pm
Monday, Sept 19 - 7pm
Tuesday, Sept 20 - 7pm
Wednesday, Sept 21 - 2pm

I hope you can come rock out with me!

Please, let me know if you'll be there. I'd love to say hi at the stage door!* If you let me know soon, I might be able to arrange a backstage tour too!

"World, watch out!
It's time to play!"
The stage door for the Winter Garden Theatre is located on  7th Ave. middle of the block between 50th and 51st. 
If you are inside the theater, 7th Avenue is on your left as you are looking at the stage. As you exit, it will be on your immediate right.  If you exit onto Broadway, just walk around the corner.
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