July, 2018

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The Lone Star Shootout
Caracol Club, Port O'Connor, Texas  

The SHOOTOUT is just 3 short weeks away!  We look forward to seeing you July 24 - 29th for  The Biggest and Best in the West...T HE LONE STAR SHOOTOUT!

We would like to thank and welcome back our loyal past participants for supporting the tournament with their early entries!  We would also like to welcome new participants Freebird, Tenacious, Centurion, Glassy Hooker and La Belle to the SHOOTOUT

Entries are being accepted now thru the close of registration on Wednesday, July the 25th (1-4pm) but we encourage you to get us your entry ASAP as SLIPS ARE LIMITED. CLICK HERE  to reserve your spot in the action TODAY!
EVERYONE is welcome to view the SHOOTOUT weigh in at the Caracol weigh station on Saturday, July 28th from 3:00 - 6:00pm.  Come out and see all the action, big boats and big fish! The Wednesday night Side Pot Party and Saturday night Champion's Party are also open to the public.  Tickets must be purchased in advance as they are limited and will most likely sell out.  You may order your tickets online via PayPal or  by completing an order form and submitting it to info@thelonestarshootout.com.  Event ticket advance orders must be received by Friday, July 20th.
For further information, visit the  LONE STAR SHOOTOUT  or call Randy Bright at 713-816-2165 or the Club office at 409-744-2307. 

Keep up with the action during tournament week!
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Bloody Thursday Breakfast
The Annual Bloody Thursday Breakfast will be held on Thursday, July 19th in Port O'Connor!  Join your Club friends at John and Samantha Bowen's private POC "Anchor House" for a tasty breakfast filled with Josie's breakfast tacos and a huge selection of pastries PLUS Bloody Mary's!!!  The party starts at 9:00am!  See you there.  

We would like to thank Elite Diesel Service and Galati Yacht Sales for generously sponsoring the breakfast!

Captain's and Mate's 
Join the Club on Tuesday, July 31st in Freeport when we host a Captain's and Mate's party to kick off the Texas Billfish Classic! The FIESTA will be held at Freeport Riverplace (733 Mystery Harbor Lane) from 6-9pm! 
Captain's Corner
Written by Captain Kevin Deerman
After a slow start on the upper coast this year, a few of our Club boats found a pretty hot bite this past week which I'm sure we will see on the leaderboards shortly. The timing couldn't be better with the Blue Marlin World Cup this week then the Lone Star Shootout coming up shortly after. Good luck to all the teams fishing on the 4th.  It would be awesome to see the winning fish caught in the Gulf again this year!
The Learning Curve
Written by Captain Troy Day
After the 4th of July congressional recess, our representatives are expected to vote on the Modern Fish Act, in H.R. 200. This is one of the most favorable pieces of legislation for helping our current management situations to be introduced in a long time. It will replace the Magnuson-Stevenson Act, which is responsible for a big part of the red snapper mess over the last decade. The Billfish Foundation among many other sportfishing organizations, has thrown their support behind the bill, but the bill needs our help as well. Visit https://bit.ly/2KCvFnd to learn more  or just click here https://bit.ly/2MImYs6  to show your support of the bill to your congressional representative.

Now that the peak of our season is upon us, let's hope the weather stays favorable and we'll see you out there!
The Fishing Season is Heating Up! 
Make sure your 2018 Membership is renewed before catching the big one!   CLICK HERE to continue your generous support and involvement in the Club by renewing your membership today.    

Club Awards Program
Participate in the Club's Yearlong Awards Program Tournament!  CLICK HERE   for full program details and verification forms.  


Top Private Boat
DECARB, Owners Sam Moore, Matt Moore and Doug Chamberlain - 2,300 points
Reel Bounty, Owner Tony Annan - 1,500 points
No Compromise, Owner Alan Roberts - 1,500 points
Big Torch, Owner Steve Ferguson - 1,000 points

Top Outboard Boat
Espadon, Owner John Rizopoulos - 1,000 points

Top Angler
Tony Annan - 1,300 points
Matt Moore - 500 points
Nick Rizopoulos - 500 points
Doug Chamberlain - 500 points

Top Junior Angler
Sam Moore, Jr. - 100 points

Top Captain
Troy Day - 2,300 points
Bill Cannan - 1,500 points
Jeff Erwin - 1,000 points
Kirk Elliott - 1,000 points

Top Mate
Alex Li Torres - 1,500 points
Patrick Zurovetz - 1,000 points
Ryan Doxey - 1,000 points
Jeff Erwin - 100 points

Top Swordfish
Doc Holiday, Owner Jim LoMonaco - 500 points
Doctor's Note, Owner James Cooper - 500 points
Espadon, Owner John Rizopoulos - 250 points

Top Yellowfin Tuna
Matt Moore - 75 pounds
Doug Chamberlain - 70 pounds

Top Private Boat  
Huntress, Owner Darryl Schroeder - 32,600 points
Slight Edge, Owner Perry Forrester - 31,400 points
No Compromise, Owner Alan Roberts - 5,700 points

Top Male Angler 
Darryl Schroeder - 8,300 points
Perry Forrester - 5,600 points
Tom Laird - 4,800 points
Taylor Norris - 3,400 points

Top Female Angler
Cinda Forrester - 13,100 points
Lori Schroeder - 5,300 points
Robyn Roberts - 500 points
Robert Rickett, President
John Bowen, 1st Vice President
Allan Legge, 2nd Vice President
Randy Bright, Treasurer
Troy Day, Secretary 
Jack Beal
James Helm
Kevin Deerman 
Marty Griffith
Randy King
Richard Richardson
T: 409-744-2307, F: 409-744-2313


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