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Monthly Newsletter
On the Wire
School has started and summer is nearing its end... and what a summer it has been!  Below is a glimpse of what's included in this edition of ON THE WIRE ... and special thanks to Club Member and Director Jack Beal for the above picture of the "marlin cloud"!

  • Lone Star Shootout Recap
  • New articles by Captains Kevin Deerman and Troy Day 
  • NEW Fall Clay Shoot Fundraiser announcement!
  • Fun Fishing Day set for October 12
  • Updated results for the Yearlong Club Awards Program!
Lone Star Shootout Lives Up To Its Name
DONE DEAL gets it done; New, returning sponsors and participants bring the action back to Port O'Connor

53 boats. 73 released billfish. $969,500 total in side pots. $50,275 raised for HBGFC's Charitable Programs. And it all came down to a "shootout" to the final gun between the top teams in the last hours before Jon Gonsoulin's 70' Viking DONE DEAL was crowned Tournament Champion.
From the raising of the Texas flag on Tuesday afternoon to the Side Pot Payout on Sunday morning, the 2019 Lone Star Shootout roared back to Port O'Connor from July 23-28. The action took off before any line ever hit the water - all 53 teams entered various pots, including a new "Lures Only" category for the second highest side pot total in Shootout history. With nearly a million dollars at stake, the teams headed out Thursday after a beautiful Boat Parade down the ICW.
The bite was hot off shortly after sunrise both Friday and Saturday with numerous billfish releases. Reports from offshore included two boated blues on BIMINI BABE and MECHANICAL MAN, and when lines came in at 3pm Saturday, DONE DEAL held onto their lead with a total of 1,900 points just in front of PANDEMONIUM with 1,850 points. In addition to the outstanding billfish action, steady reports of big wahoo, tuna and dolphin on both days kept the weigh station busy throughout Saturday evening, much to the delight of spectators. Here's the FULL RESULTS.
With an impressive 2019 fleet and no signs of slowing down in 2020, Tournament Director Randy Bright commented on the Shootout's success, stating "It was maybe our best team effort yet at putting on a really fun and exciting tournament. We set some records for sponsorship, and the Port O'Connor community support was awesome. We had our biggest crowds ever for the boat parade, weigh in and champions party and the prize money was our 2nd highest ever. The great thing is we raised over $50,000 for HBGFC Charitable Programs while having a great time in POC. We are definitely trending up, and I look forward to being even bigger and better in 2020."

The Shootout has announced the dates for 2020, 2021 and 2022... Mark your calendars with these dates:

July 21-26, 2020
July 20-25, 2021
July 19-24, 2022

Captain's Corner
Written by Captain Kevin Deerman

During a discussion with Troy Day, he mentioned that  the Club's blue marlin numbers may end up being way down this year based on HBGFC verification forms.

There have been a few boats that got into some epic blue marlin bites this summer, but not with the consistency that we were seeing last year at this time. By September 1st last year, there had been over 45 blues caught at Hoover-Diana alone in a 5-week period starting with the Poco Bueno tournament. 

We still have some time left and the blue marlin reports from the northern gulf have picked up over the past few weeks (after a slower than normal season), so we are hopeful we will see an increase in our area of the gulf as well.
The Learning Curve
Written by Captain Troy Day

Conservation & Education Committee
August 2019

About a month ago, we were snapper fishing for dinner on our way offshore about 30 miles out of Freeport when we heard a distress call from a boat on fire. After asking for the position back from the Coast Guard, we ended up only being about 3 nm south of them, so we ran towards them immediately. By the time we got there, the boat was completely engulfed in flames, and everyone was in the water. Fortunately, everyone ended up being OK, with the only loss being property. Regardless, it made me think about safety, with these things being the takeaways:
  • Accessible, supplied ditchbag - I know we all know about this, but an EPIRB, handheld VHF, and satellite communication device would be good to have - it was almost dark and they had no way to communicate with anyone. 
  • Medical kit - it was comforting going in to assist knowing we had the largest kit D-Dey Response Group makes - from an AED to oxygen to burn care.
  • Respirator - there have been multiple times we've all gone into the engine room with fumes we really didn't need to be breathing - I'm putting a respirator on the boat so that I can safely work

My main takeaway was how fast they went from the Mayday to abandoning ship, and thinking about how quickly we could assess the situation, get the distress call out, and get our stuff together to get in the water. They were in the water about 2 minutes from the Mayday call.
Fall Clay Shoot Fundraise Announced for September 28th
New event kicking off with a BANG

In an effort to increase membership and provide a new source of funding for the Club's Charitable Programs, several club members pitched the idea to the Board of Directors to host an inaugural Clay Shoot Fundraiser.  While this year's date might not be ideal and the 2020 dates will be before dove season starts, we hope that you and your friends can join us next month for this event!

The Fall Clay Shoot Fundraiser is a morning shoot at Providence Plantation in Rosharon, TX.  There will be a minimum of 10 stations, a light breakfast and a fish and shrimp lunch, plus a live auction and raffle items.  There will also be a clothing and food collection box at registration where shooters can donate items to Ronald McDonald House Galveston.  

And if that isn't enough... An optional add-on Flurry Shoot will be available for teams of 4! Individuals (including parent/child shooters) and teams are welcome, and sponsor opportunities, including in-kind, are also available. 

You must bring your own gun and shells (5 boxes suggested), plus eye and ear protection, and this will be a "self-scoring" event.

For complete details and entry forms, CLICK HERE!
Fun Fishing Day set for October 12 in Galveston  
Sponsor, Volunteer and Donor opportunities available!

The 8th Annual FUN FISHING DAY will be held at the Pelican Rest Marina on October 12, 2019. We are excited to host the children of the Ronald McDonald House AND the children of Shriners Hospital for Children again this year!

The children and their families will spend the morning fishing with Club volunteers who will help them bait their hooks, reel in their fish and keep track of their winning catches. They will also be treated to a delicious lunch and end the day with trophies and pictures of their FUN FISHING DAY!

To be a part of this event as a sponsor, volunteer, or donor, contact the Club today!

*** Your membership matters! ***
Yearlong Awards Program Standings

You've waited all summer to see these... and the forms came in fast and furious these past few months!  It took a while to make sure we had everything current and correct, but h ere are the tournament leaders as of August 11, 2019:  

Last updated:  8/12/2019
Top Private Boat Points
Amigo, Owner David Denbow 2,843
Walk West, Owner Riley Rhodes 2,700
Titan Up, Owner Bill Hunt 2,500
Half Down, Owner Casey Wedgeworth 2,300
DECARB, Owner Sam Moore, Matt Moore, and Doug Chamberlain 2,300
Bali Hai, Owner John Nau, Sr. 2,000
Pandemonium, Owner Mike Altman 1,600
Bimini Babe, Owner Babe Appling 1,414
Done Deal, Owner Jon Gonsoulin 1,400
High Cotton, Owner Pete Bell 1,200
Game Plan, Owner Sherman Burrows 1,000
Relentless Pursuit, Owner Dennis Pasentine 1,000
Bandit, Owner Bert Steindorf 700
Lady Adele, Owner Anthony Luprete 700
Tico Time, Owner Dennis Wilkerson 700
Booyah, Owner Gordon Inscore 600
Over-Ride, Owner Marty Griffith 600
Sarco, Owner Milton Greeson 600
Cat Cha Later, Owner Allen Junek 600
Final Answer, Owner Richard Borstmayer 500
Freebird, Owner David Blackbird 500
Over The Limit, Owner Derek Elzner 500
Sea Dollars, Owner Jack Beal 500
See Trial, Owner Colby Stewart 500
Suthern's Pride, Owner Marty Strakos 500
Live Situation, Owner Chris McClanahan 500
Doctor's Note, Owner Jim Cooper 500
Gringo Honeymoon, Owner Mike Miller 400
It's 5 O'clock Somewhere 200
Reel Blues, Owner Gary Stoddard 200
A-Team, Owner Clifford Acosta 100
Deez Nautz, Owner Chris Coulter 100
Top Outboard Boat Points
Espadon, Owner John Rizopoulos 800
Ms. Mamoo, Owner Bryan Meyer 500
Fool's Gold, Owner Paige Kinkade 100
Top Angler Points
David Denbow 2,843
Casey Wedgeworth 2,300
John Nau, Jr. 1,500
Mike Altman 1,300
Tommy Thompson 1,000
Sherman Burrows 1,000
Paul Bitner 700
Gordon Inscore 600
Milton Greeson 600
Lee Weidner 514
John Nau, Sr. 500
Nick Rizopoulos 500
Brian Jinks 500
Jonathan Williams 500
Todd Nelms 500
Wes Appling 300
Michael Moragne 200
Robert Wyly 200
Doug Chamberlain 200
Marty Griffith 100
Scott Anderson 100
Robert Jones 100
Top Female Angler Points
Christina Wills 1,500
Mandy Yeager 800
Stephanie Swan 600
Julie Coulter 100
Top Junior Angler Points
Chase Perthuis 2,000
Walker Rhodes 1,700
Weston Rhodes 1,000
Sam Moore, Jr. 900
Top Captain Points
Brad Schoenfeld 2,843
Jeff Wilson 2,500
Scotty Stevens 2,300
Troy Day 2,300
Anthony Lopez 2,000
Robert Jones 1,414
Jason Buck 1,400
Allan Legge 1,200
Lane Kilgore 1,200
Monte Love 800
Kevin Scott 700
Mike Hester 700
Paul Bitner 700
Gaige Inscore 600
Jacob Dawson 600
James Helm 500
Bryan Cardwell 100
Kerry Fritz 100
Top Mate Points
Wes Hazlip 2,500
Chad Creech 2,300
Aaron Raesz 2,243
Kyle Slaughter 2,000
Weston Rhodes 1,700
Mike Ruthenbeck 1,200
Ryan Doxey 1,100
Wes Appling 1,014
Walker Rhodes 1,000
Justis Inscore 600
Floyd Appling 200
Lee Weidner 200
Top Blue Marlin Points
David Denbow 643
Lee Weidner 514
Top Yellowfin Tuna Weight
Casey Wedgeworth 151.9
Rand Clark 115.5
Bryan Meyer 69.5
Jeremy Blount 42.5
Matt Taylor 41
Top Dorado Weight
Walker Rhodes 33.5
Max Moore 33.04
David Denbow 26
Nick Rizopoulos 25.13
Top Wahoo Weight
Wilton Bull 61.12
Top Swordfish Points
Titan Up, Owner Bill Hunt 1,750
Twisted Sisters, Owner David Dion 1,250
Doctor's Note, Owner Jim Cooper 250
Espadon, Owner John Rizopoulos 250

Last updated:  8/12/2019
Top Gulf Coast Boat of the Year Points
Amigo, Owner David Denbow 3,843
Walk West, Owner Riley Rhodes 3,200
High Cotton, Owner Pete Bell 2,700
Bimini Babe, Owner Babe Appling 1,914
Draggin' Up, Owner Chris Heule 500
Rock Mama, Owner Daniel Miers 500

Last updated:  8/12/2019
Top Private Boat Points
Huntress, Owners Darryl and Lori Schroeder 22,900
No Compromise, Owners Alan and Robyn Roberts 10,200
Cajun Queen, Owners Jack and Ann Fletcher 2,300
Top Male Angler Points
Reagan Norris 6,500
Darryl Schroeder 3,600
Perry Forrester 2,100
Taylor Norris 2,200
Jimmy Guinn 1,300
Chris Gwyn 1,100
Tom Laird 1,100
Doak Dunkin 1,000
Alan Roberts 1,000
Kyle Drushel 500
James Helm 500
Alex Li Torres 500
Top Female Angler Points
Hillary Johnson 5,500
Cinda Forrester 2,700
Michaela Norris 900
Ann Fletcher 600
Allison Cannan 600
Jill Schroeder 400
Lori Schroeder 300
Haley Gwyn 300
Top Swordfish Points
Titan Up - Owner Bill Hunt 750

for full results, program details and verification forms. 

Tight lines, All!

Robert Rickett, President
John Bowen, 1st Vice President
Allan Legge, 2nd Vice President
Randy Bright, Treasurer
Troy Day, Secretary 

Jack Beal
James Helm
Kevin Deerman 
Marty Griffith
Randy King
Richard Richardson

Phone: 409-744-2307 * Fax: 409-744-2313


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