#GivingTuesday is here and we at PSR Philadelphia are working hard to  to train local speakers and activists to protect public health.

Everyday, we work locally to conduct  education, training, direct service, and advocacy through our   Environmental Health and Working with Schools programs. 

Please give generously today and consider a monthly contribution
that helps us  to stabilize our plans
so that we can be prepared to meet the challenges
that we face together in the coming years.   

As a  a small and powerful, non-profit public health organization,
we rely on  your generosity to keep the
Philadelphia chapter of  Physicians for Social Responsibility
actively training local speakers and activists
to protect our public health. 

Thank you in advance for keeping us strong and healthy! 

Meet another hard-working volunteer with
PSR  Philadelphia ...

Meet Natasha Bagwe...

Please meet an amazingly helpful and committed volunteer with PSR Philadelphia, Natasha Bagwe -

I am a physician and MPH candidate 2017 at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. My area of focus is studying the impact of our natural and man-made disasters on human psychology and surrounding environment... 

Click here to learn more about Natasha.

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