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Old North Summer Institute (ONSI)

WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8:00pm

Use this summer to grow in your knowledge and application of Christianity

by joining an ONSI class. 

Term 2: July 10,17, 24 & 31

 Register early! Classes will be capped at 30 people!

Register for a class using these button links:


This class will engage the classic text by C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, with the intent of exploring the ideas of the text in depth for those who are Christians. A secondary intent of this class will be for those who are Christians to learn how to apply the ideas of the book to those who are not yet Christians. (Those who register for this class will need to attend the class with their own copy of Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis)

Led by Rich Heavener


This class will address the all to familiar experience of spiritual apathy. What is it? How can we better understand the sources that allow apathy to grow within us? Is apathy a sin? How does the good news of God’s grace confront it? 

Led by Pastor Dan Osborn


The most important things in life should be learned, and learned again and again. The Gospel, being the most important of all, is a topic that all of us should learn and rehearse so that we can be better grounded personally and more effective in our community as we share it. This class will quickly work through the Two Ways to Live outline to ensure that our understanding of the Gospel is sound and thoroughly biblical. 

Led by Pastor Marty Sweeney


What kind of King was David, really? Who exactly was Joab and why does it matter? What did Darius actually think about God? Why did Joshua take off his sandals? And are all of those stories more closely connected than you might think? Discover new meaning in the Old Testament by dwelling in the details, observing the oddities, and embracing a healthy helping of curiosity.

Led by Drew Lund

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