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Oh, yes! Back-to-School with New Skills!

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Back to School with Brand New Skills!

As we approach the back-to-school season, it is a great time for children to review organizational strategies and study habits to feel more competent in Math, English, and other subjects. At the next grade level, no matter which grade students enter, they will face more complex problems compared to the previous year. Enhancing critical thinking strategies is the best preparation for returning to the classroom feeling organized and ready for challenges.


We wish all students a strong and successful start to the school year, as they enter new classrooms and learn higher-level curriculum. BriteMinds is here to help students and parents navigate through this busy season, so do not hesitate to reach out to our BriteMinds team for support! At BriteMinds, we make sure parents are updated on their child’s progress by sending out weekly emails after each lesson, with a detailed grid informing them of their child’s grades, homework assignments, and more.

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  BriteMinds Back-to-School Organizational Tips

It is easy for students to enter the school year organized and equipped with the proper supplies. As the school year continues, it takes work maintaining an organized backpack or study space. BriteMinds is all about helping families prevent a chaotic atmosphere to emerge, as it is hard to pay attention and stay creative in chaos. Papers get misplaced, trash accumulates in backpacks, and students are more likely to forget what assignments are due and what the due date is. Here are some tips to help students stay organized consistently throughout the entire school year:


1.    Backpack Cleanup!

-       Set aside a specific day and time every week to perform a ‘backpack cleanup’. Have students go through their backpack and throw out scrap paper, trash, and anything that does not belong. This will prevent their backpack from becoming overstuffed and disorganized. Having a clean backpack will help students find things quickly and keep all their supplies in order. Of course, an organized backpack is an integral part of the BriteMinds learning plan.

2.    Writing in a Planner

-       Planners are essential for any student. When the teacher announces the homework for that day, students should write it in their planner, along with the due date. This also applies to tests, quizzes, and projects. Writing in a planner is a great way for students to stay on top of their schoolwork and turn their assignments in on time. If students do not keep track of their assignments in a physical or digital planner, they are likely to forget what is due and turn in assignments late.

3.    Having A Consistent Morning Routine

-       It is often difficult for students to transition from sleeping in late during the Summer to waking up early, getting ready, preparing their backpack, and heading off to school. It is important for students to prepare their daily school routine in advance, planning what time they will wake up, packing their backpack the night before, and more. Preparing ahead makes the morning routines easier and less rushed, preventing students from running out of the house without a folder or without breakfast, for example.

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What May Distract Students from Focusing?

Students constantly face distractions and overstimulation at school and at home. This makes it difficult for students to focus on one task and complete it within a reasonable time frame.


Here are some common distractions students face:

·      Texting

·      Social media

·      Talking with friends

·      A loud, busy environment

·      Messy and cluttered space


 It is often challenging to pull teenagers away from their devices, whether they’re playing games, texting friends, or surfing the web. Phones present a huge distraction while students are in class or trying to study at home. An environment can also be distracting, such as a loud classroom with students chattering.

What To Do About Distractions?

Here are some strategies on how to deal with these distractions and stay focused:

Rewards Systems

-       Reward systems are important for students to remain motivated and focused on their work. A student can decide what their own reward will be, after they finish a certain task or get a certain amount of work done. This will motivate them to continue working to obtain screen time, a snack, or what they wish for to receive.


Timing Oneself and Taking Breaks

-       Taking breaks is also helpful. Studying methods, such as the Pomodoro technique, allow students to do their work for 25-minute intervals, take a 5-minute break, and then resume. After several sets of these intervals, a longer break is helpful.


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Get Ready For Kindergarten!

As many children begin their journey into Kindergarten this school year, we're committed to helping them make a successful transition from Pre-K by providing individualized, one-on-one attention and support. There is still time to sign up for the BriteMinds School-Preparation Program, where instructors will create a unique, individualized Learning Plan for your child to meet their educational needs and prepare them for Kindergarten curriculum.


Summer is a great time to get your child ‘ahead of the game,’ while also have fun! BriteMinds, integrates variety of resources to teach children Phonics, Vocabulary, Verbalizing Thoughts, Reading, and other life skills such as Creative Play, Concrete/Abstract Ideas, Social Skills, Mental Strength, and Executive Functioning Skills. Our variety of games, books, and activities for both the Pre-K and Kindergarten level will ensure your child is ready to meet the learning expectations in their new class, and they will feel proud and confident!

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 Smart-Work Homework:

Creating A Productive Learning Environment

A student’s environment is very important for their learning. If a student chooses to work in a distracting environment, they will not be able to focus and get work done. Here are some ways students can create a more comfortable, organized environment that will improve their learning and productivity from/at home:


Having A Clean Space

-       This is very important for students to focus. Children frequently amass books, devices, and assorted items that pique their curiosity; soon enough, this untidy and disordered atmosphere turns into a "mind-trap" for distraction. At BriteMinds, we encourage students to keep their workspace clean and orderly, with room to work and focus. Instructors also teach students how to be aware of “mind-traps” around them and remove any clutter or distractions around their workspace.

A Quiet Space

-       A quiet environment is also important for students to focus. With loud noise and conversation in the background, their mind will drift to listen toward the stimuli rather than focusing on their work. Listening to instrumental, relaxing music is also a helpful way to tune out any background noise.

At BriteMinds, students will find an organized, safe, and calm environment to focus and be productive. During their one-on-one lesson, students will find the support they need as they work on their homework in a distraction-free zone. 

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