Millions of people around the world testify to the saving, redeeming, and transforming
power of RETREAT and MUSIC ministries.
Thinking Back -- Looking Forward
As we simultaneously think back on 2017 and look forward to the upcoming holidays, we at the Villa Jubilee Foundation have much to be grateful for. We had a very successful summer season filled with missionary conferences, concerts, retreats, and Bible Studies -- and now we look forward to more! There is no question that our ministry is having an impact on our community – an impact that has a global reach.

As we look ahead we see the holidays and the end of the year approaching, but we also see: 

  • Black Friday. 
  • Cyber Monday. 
  • Giving Tuesday. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have no eternal value whatsoever. 

But Giving Tuesday does

Giving Tuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), which is November 28 this year. We hope you will recognize Giving Tuesday as one of the best times to make your year-end donation to the Villa Jubilee Foundation.
Giving Has Eternal Value
Why give to the Villa Jubilee Foundation? The Villa Jubilee Foundation creates the events that are held at the Villa Jubilee retreat center, which is privately owned. VJF rents the facility from the owners and the rental fees only cover the expenses related to the events. Every time someone walks in the doors, they benefit. The owners could not possibly afford to keep the doors open and pay for the expenses of the events. They do not take a salary at all. They are not paid a dime except for rental income.

People all over the world benefit from the ministry of VJF: missionaries who can find a time of rest and respite; local community members who can find a joyous and inexpensive concert; and nonprofits who hold board meetings here in ample space that gets away from their normal meeting space and inspires new questions, strategies, and approaches. It is a spirit-filled place that inspires restoration, redemption, renewal, and rest. 

As you consider doing your year-end donations, please keep Villa Jubilee in mind . We know there are many needs in the world and we pray that we will all help others with our time, talent, voice, and donations. You can help change the world by this supporting this retreat ministry. Your giving has eternal value!

Whether you choose to give on Giving Tuesday or to make your year-end donation another time, please know that you are the hero of this story – we can’t do it without you! Thank you very much for considering this ministry.
Reminder! "A Holiday Homecoming with Barry Ward" Concert
with Barry Ward, Cowboy Singer,
Saturday, December 16, 2017, ​6:00 pm at Villa Jubilee.

 The Value of this Ministry
We hope you can join us for our events. But, whether you can attend or not, we hope you see the value of this ministry in reaching people through various art forms, and that you will support us and the participants of these events in prayer, that they may experience God-directed transformation. Check out our complete listing on our website at

In addition to your prayers, would you also consider a donation to this important work? Your contribution powers transformational ministries! To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Villa Jubilee Foundation, a 501(c)(3), you can:

  • Pay by credit card or Paypal by clicking on the secure donate button; or
  • Send your payment via Paypal to stan at villajubilee dot com; or
  •  Send a check made out to Villa Jubilee Foundation to 3001 County Road 330, Walsenburg, CO 81089.  

Thank you for keeping the doors of ministry open!