October 2023

Right to Repair Update & Legislative Summit Highlights: Auto Value & Bumper to Bumper is Advocating For You!!!

View the highlights of a recent trip to our Nation's Capitol where hundreds of industry advocates met with elected officials to discuss the Right To Repair.

H.R 906 The REPAIR Act Earns Committee Hearing 

The fight for your Right to Repair does not end here.

Write your lawmakers and Take Action Now!

Certified Service Center Members in Action!

Joel Haver from Haver's Auto Repair in Omaha, NE advocating on Capitol Hill for his shops and our industry.

Tara Topel from Topel's Towing & Repair in Lake Mills, WI, working with industry peers for The Right to Repair.

Fred White from Miles Auto Service in Sewell, NJ, with the Bill on Capitol Hill #RightToRepair

10 Reasons Why The REPAIR Act is Critical

This blog highlights the importance of the right to repair vehicles, emphasizing its crucial role in sustaining the economy, especially in rural areas. It mentions the risks to essential workers' livelihoods and the environment, advocating for the passage of the REPAIR Act and fair legislation to ensure access to repair services for all drivers.

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Throwback to the Future: Congratulations on your first year of being a MotorWeek Sponsor! As a Certified Service Center, you are a proud sponsor of MotorWeek on PBS. Tune in today for their newest episode, Brake Upgrades.

How Do Consumers Search for Auto Repair Shops Online?

There is a lot of confusion among auto repair shop owners about how consumers search for auto repair services on the web. Repair Shop Website's goal is to clear up the confusion and help you understand how most consumers search for auto repair services so you can better understand how your website is performing in search.

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More Than Shouting into the Wind - Craig's Heart for Toastmasters

This blog discusses the prevalence of negative online discourse in the auto-repair industry and the potential for a more constructive approach using Toastmasters, a club focused on improving communication and leadership skills. The author shares their personal journey, highlighting the importance of feedback, active listening, and taking ownership as alternatives to criticism, condemnation, and complaining.

AI & SEO: How AI Can Enhance Your SEO Efforts

This article discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on search engine optimization. It highlights how AI is already used in search engines and provides six ways to use AI in SEO, including better keyword research, content optimization, predictive rankings, local SEO, improving customer experience through review response, and optimizing for voice search.

2023 Global Automotive Consumer Study: EV Trends

The global shift to electrified vehicles is happening at very different speeds depending on the individual market. Despite government messaging around the need to address climate change, the shift to EVs is primarily based on a strong consumer perception that it will significantly reduce vehicle operating costs.

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Which transmission pump changes its flow rate to meet the needs of an automatic transmission?

A) A diaphragm positive displacement pump.

B) A fixed-displacement crescent gear pump.

C) A variable-displacement vane pump.

D) A fixed-displacement rotor pump.

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