Parent Contact Update
-October 2016-
Did you know...

The 2016 "Joining Voices" Conference sponsored by Mass Family Voices is fast approaching? It is an opportunity for families of children and youth with special healthcare needs (and their professional partners) to learn specific skills to advocate effectively for their children, and make informed decisions about health care services and supports. Registration for the Framingham event  is $25 and includes lunch. For more information and registration click here

Did you know...

NCSEAM Family Surveys are distributed this month? You may be asked to fill out a survey if you have been enrolled in EI for at least 6 months, and did not receive a survey in March. This informs the Department of Public Health on how your program is providing you information about three key areas :
1. Families know their rights and advocate effectively for their child
2. Families understand their child's strengths, abilities, adn special needs
3. Families help their child develop and learn
Check out the Family Survey Resources tab at for survey resources!

Did you know...

Parent Advisory Councils ( PACs) are a great way to get involved with your EI Program beyond your child's services? Parents can share valuable information with their program that can help them in a variety of ways. A PAC is not a place to address specific concerns about your child's services, but a place for families to give feedback or input on things that do (or will) effect ALL families serviced through the program.  

Did you know... ?

The Massachusetts Early Intervention Service Delivery Model focuses on supporting child and family outcomes within daily routines at home or community based settings.