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It continues to be a pretty busy year of freelance which translates into lots to share. I hope you make it to the end.

Every now and then I do a shoot for an organization that I have never heard of but end up being very impressed with ... The last item in this newsletter is one of these organizations. I had never heard of them until I was asked to shoot their event a couple months ago ... I don't want to spoil it, but what an awesome way to carry on a legacy.

It's been just a year and a half since our return to Southern California and I find myself right where I want to be in terms of my freelance business. Referrals, reconnecting with past clients, making some new clients and freelancing for the Riverside Press Enterprise has helped rebuild my freelance business and I'm very thankful for the work.

There are some pretty cool things in this edition ... Enjoy and let me know what you think. I always love hearing back from the folks who receive these.

Riverside Press Enterprise assignments

High School football is back! I started off this season with a 3-linebacker portrait and when I received a CIF photo credential in the mail, I knew that there would be football and other prep sports assignments in my future. I encourage you to click on the links if you want to see more photos.

CLICK HERE for the Linebackers story and photos


Game one for me was this Vista Murrieta/Great Oak week 0 non league game.

Not all games I shoot make it in print, but they all make it online which is a great place to read the game story and see a slide show from the game.

CLICK HERE for the story and slideshow


This was a non league game between Rancho Christian and West Valley High Schools. Smaller schools, but still lots of excitement to capture. This was online only ... you can CLICK HERE for the story and slideshow.


This was an added perk ... The Press Enterprise could have used any one of their football photos from their talented staff or group of freelancers and somehow one of mine made it here. This is from the first game of the season :)


Here is another game from week 3. Temecula city rivals Temecula Valley vs. Chaparral. Apparently Temecula Valley won last year and Chaparral was out for redemption and they got just that. Chaparral won the game and it really wasn't close.

CLICK HERE to see the story and slide show.


As High School football starts up, so do other High School sports. This Vista Murrieta/Temecula Valley varsity girls volleyball match is a good example. CLICK HERE for the story and slideshow.


More Football! Well, tis the season and I appreciate the work. This is a game from week 4 where Liberty High School was playing San Gorgonio High School. Turned out to be one sided with Liberty winning 48-7. This was online only, CLICK HERE to read the story and see the slideshow.


This game was a fun one ... it was a battle between two undefeated teams. It was a non league game, but I don't think that matters when it comes to winning. Vista Murrieta vs. Rancho Cucamonga. The Rancho Cucamonga Cougars ended up winning the game 34-24. CLICK HERE to read the story and see the slide show.


OK, last football photo in this edition. This was Tahquitz vs. San Jacinto at Tahquitz High school's stadium. This was a really cool stadium nestled in the foothills. And though it did get a little buggy later in the game, it was a fun game to shoot. And due to a print deadline change, I didn't have to miss most of the third quarter to get photos to the paper early. I shot the entire game, raced home and sent a few quick photos to go with the initial online story, and then added a bunch more photos to complete the slide show. And it ended up in print the following day as well.

CLICK HERE to see the story and slide show online


This was a fun feature assignment in Corona, CA. A model train manufacturer was putting on a presentation for local model train enthusiasts and members of the Corona Model Railroad Society. The company history of 'Scale Trains' as well as the process of designing and making these model trains was actually very interesting.

Here's how it ran both in print and online. CLICK HERE to read the story and see more photos


Here's a recent feature assignment from the Press Enterprise. Rob Crisell wrote a book recently about the history of Temecula Valley wineries. He not only lives in Temecula, but he also grows grapes and makes his own wine. That lends a lot of credibility to him and his book. And I have to say, the timing is perfect as we are in the process of learning more about Temecula Valley and its wineries since they are so close to where we live.

This ran both online and in print. You can CLICK HERE to see the story and photos.


These food images ran recently in print and online ... I always keep my eye out for these since since Cathy Thomas and I spent many years photographing food at The Register. Like I keep saying, food photos are timeless and it's great to see them published again.

Boys and Girls Club at the Anaheim White House

Generous people working to benefit the boys and girls clubs of greater Anaheim and Cypress in Orange County, CA. And what an appropriate venue for a 'State of the Club' reception, the Anaheim White House restaurant. It's the home of Chef Bruno and Caterina's Club where they feed 5,000 underpriviledged children nightly. How incredible is that.

This was my 3rd shoot for this boys and girls club organization and as usual, super nice people and donors. And this event was really just the precursor to their 'Moving Forward' Annual Gala and Auction in March at the ocVibeArtic. They will be honoring The Anaheim Ducks and Outstanding Club Youth Achievement.

For more info on this event or if you want to help sponsor it, CLICK HERE.

And if you want to learn more about Caterina's Club, CLICK HERE.

Here are a few pics from the White House event ...

Newport Beach Public Library Foundation

This was a Library Leadership Reception in the Bamboo Courtyard of the Newport Beach Public Library. These events are always so enjoyable to shoot ... the setting was beautiful, the music soothing and the food was incredible. Guests and Donors listened to short speeches by foundation members and then a passionate talk by California's State Librarian Greg Lucas on the important role libraries play in our cities. Two things ... first, I did'nt know that there is a California State Librarian, and second, he was one of the more animated speakers I have photographed in awhile. Lots of fun as usual.

CLICK HERE to see all the great things the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation has been doing lately.

The Dragon Kim Foundation

This job came to me courtesy of Dan Pittman of Pittman PR. Held on the UC Irvine campus, It was a half day of presentations by high school students, then a graduation in the afternoon.

The students have mentors and the presentations are projects tackling a range of mostly social issues in our society using a host of different approaches. They all graduate and three teams are selected to move on in the competition for funding for their projects from the Dragon Kim Foundation.

It can't be easy as a high school student presenting your project in front of a panel of four adult professionals (and an audience) who are carefully scrutinizing your project and your presentation. The judges often gave advice and offered resources to the presenters throughout the morning. These kids are clearly all winners.

I have never heard of the Dragon Kim Foundation until this assignment, but if you read how it all came about, it will bring tears to your eyes. What an awesome way to carry on a legacy. CLICK HERE to reach the Dragon Kim website.

These photos are just a sampling of the day's work.


Well, that's it for this time ... we'll see what the next edition brings in a couple months... there's already some interesting things on deck. Feel free to share them with folks you think might enjoy them or may be looking for a photographer. Contact info is below or I can also be reached through my website at www.nicholaskoonphotography.com.

In the meantime, stay in touch. I always enjoy hearing from folks who receive these newsletters.

Take Care,


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