Volume I | October , 2019
New Monthly Rowayton 6TD Newsletter
Rowayton’s local government, the Sixth Taxing District (6TD), would like to welcome you to our new monthly email newsletter.
The purpose of this newsletter is to inform Rowayton residents
about upcoming meetings, developments, policies,
announcements and events around town.
In addition, this email distribution list will be used to quickly disseminate information as needed by the 6TD (such as to announce plans for storms).

All of the information can also be found at  www.rowayton6td.com

The 6TD Website has added a Master Calendar for all events taking place on 6TD property. Please refer to calendar to avoid double booking events.

Also listed are Upcoming Rowayton Events linking back to
the hosts of the Events.

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Next Commissioner's Meeting
  • October 16, 2019
  • 7:00
  • Rowayton Community Center

Approval of the Minutes of the September 18, 2019 meeting.

  • Presentation by Shakespeare on the Sound re their proposed 2020 dates

  • Update on Status of Implementing “Barnacle” system at the RR station

  • Commissioners
  • District Treasurer
  • District Fire Marshal
  • District Property Manager
  • District Clerk
Upcoming Events
The following are local events taking place in Rowayton over the next few months. For more details on any events, please click
the link and contact the host.
Rowayton Fire Department Smoke Out
October 26, 2019
3:00 - 7:00
Rowayton Community Center
Wednesday, October 30
7:00 - 8:30
Rowayton Turkey Trot
Thanksgiving Morning
Rowayton Community Center