Santa Cruz Port District
Newsletter - October 2020
Proof of Vessel Insurance Required to Receive 2021 Parking Stickers
Santa Cruz Port District
Vessel Insurance Policy Update

In accordance with Santa Cruz Port District Ordinance Section 316, all vessels must be insured in accordance with Port District policies to retain a slip license. Since the policy’s implementation in 2019, staff has worked to familiarize individuals with the provisions of the policy and has been successful in achieving compliance from most slip renters.

In an effort to gain full compliance, the Port Commission, at its regular public meeting of September 22, 2020, adopted an amended vessel insurance policy to include the following enforcement measures:

  • Effective January 1, 2021, proof of current vessel insurance must be presented at the harbor office in order to receive annual parking stickers.
  • Effective April 1, 2021, a monthly uninsured vessel fee of $75 will be assessed as a penalty to slip licensees who do not have a current insurance certificate on file with the District. The fee does not afford insurance coverage.
  • Effective April 1, 2022, the slip revocation process may be utilized after reasonable efforts have been made to gain compliance.

Note: This policy is not applicable to vessels utilizing dry storage, rack storage, or catamaran storage.

To learn more about the District’s vessel insurance policy requirements or to submit your current insurance certificate electronically, please visit the Port District’s website.
Water Taxi Update
Good news! After receiving notification from the US Coast Guard in April 2020, that the District’s water taxi program was not subject to regulations as an inspected vessel under 46 CFR Subchapter T – Small Passenger Vessels, the program has been given the green light to resume operations. We anticipate the water taxi will be in operation in Summer 2021.

Staff is currently working with representatives from Fiesta Marine Products to finalize design plans and specifications for a new water taxi to replace the District’s 1967 vessel Free Ride I, which has reached the end of its service life.

The District looks forward to restoring the water taxi program, which is beloved by many slip renters, visitors, and community members. This new vessel will serve the needs of the District for decades to come.
The District's water taxi vessel, Free Ride I, serving its final season of operation in 2019. Photo by Monterey Bay - Santa Cruz.
West Side Paving Projects
Santa Cruz Yacht Club has contracted with Watsonville Grading and Excavation to slurry seal the mast-up dry storage facility on the harbor’s west side. The project is scheduled for Sunday-Thursday, October 4-8. The project sequence is as follows:

October 4-5: Beginning Sunday afternoon, boats will be moved out of the dry storage facility into the harbor parking area.

Tuesday, October 6: Dry storage area will be paved.

Wednesday, October 7: Striping. Boats will begin to be moved back into the dry storage area.

Thursday, October 8: All boats will be moved back into the dry storage area.

The project will temporarily impact available parking on the harbor’s west side.

A follow-on paving project in a portion of the west harbor lot is expected to follow this work, but will have only limited disruption on parking and traffic flow. We will keep slip renters and business owners posted on the schedule.

Thank you in advance for your understanding as we work to get this project completed before winter rains begin.
Catamaran Storage Renters
Please remove your catamaran from beach storage starting October 9, 2020, and by no later than October 25, 2020.

Launch ramp storage is available from October - March 2021, at the same rate.
Event Update

In light of COVID-19 related impacts, the following events, which typically take place in October, have been cancelled:

Classic Car Show – Postponed until 2021
Haunted Halloween – Postponed until 2021

While Halloween festivities will undoubtedly look different this year due to COVID-19, you can still take part in turning the harbor into a haunted Halloween spectacle by decorating your vessel with lights and spooky décor! An electrical credit for the month of October will be reflected on your November statement.

Click here to read a joint statement by Bay Area Health Officers with guidance on how to celebrate Halloween and Día de Los Muertos safely while preventing the spread of COVID-19.
Division of Boating and Waterways' Clean Boating Happy Hour
What: The Division of Boating Waterways' Boating Clean and Green Program invites Northern California boaters to participate in this free webinar to learn quick and easy tips for boating responsibly and keeping our waterways clean. Register for the event and receive the California Boater Kit and clean boating maps!

When: Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 5:30 PM

Where: Zoom Web-based Event

Register here to participate in this webinar.
2020-21 Dredging Operations
North Harbor Dredging
North harbor dredging is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2020, using the Port District's 8" dredge Squirt. Dredging of fine-grained material deemed suitable for aquatic disposal is permitted through February 28, 2021, while dredging of sandy, coarse-grained material is permitted through April 30, 2021. Mariners transiting in the area are advised to read all gate notices and beware of submerged pipe and equipment hazards that may be present. The north harbor pipeline in the turning basin is marked with three salmon buoys. Click here to view the areas proposed for dredging and the anticipated pipeline configuration in the north harbor.

Entrance Channel Dredging
Crews are preparing to move Twin Lakes from her off-season mooring in the north harbor to the entrance channel in the coming weeks, in conjunction with the low tide. Stay tuned for more information and schedule updates!
Twin Lakes is being readied for the upcoming season.