October 2016
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A letter from Lisa Tepper Bates

Hello friends, 

As we head towards winter, communities across the state are doing great work in our Zero: 2016 effort to end chronic homelessness!  Every person we house through this effort changes the lives of many.  I was honored to meet a Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) resident, Wayne, in Middletown.  Wayne was able to reconnect with his three children after addressing his challenges once stably housed.
Not only for those we serve directly -- but for the family members whose lives are changed for the better when their loved one secures the housing and supports he or she needs.  I am pleased to tell you that Wayne shared with pride the fact that his daughter started at Yale University on full scholarship this year.
Thank you for your commitment to innovating, to driving ever forward, to serving those who need us most. Because of your work, over 1,000 chronically homeless have been housed under Zero: 2016 since January of 2015.  In our state's tough budget climate, your great work, and your great results allow us the strongest defense we we could have to protect the resources you need to do this important work.
With gratitude for all you do, every day,
Getting to Zero: Landlord Engagement

With just 3 months remaining to meet our goal 
of ending chronic homelessness through the Zero: 2016 initiative, landlord engagement is key. Building partnerships with private market landlords means that we must think creatively about ways to increase safe and affordable housing options quickly. 

Last month, providers in the Waterbury-Litchfield CAN hosted a Landlord Engagement event geared towards educating landlords about our work while increasing private market partnerships. 

Click  here to read more about this event.  Click here to register and learn more about the October 5th & October 11th Landlord Engagement Webinar Series hosted by Community Solutions.  To read more about Landlord Recruitment and Engagement, click here
Training Overview: 
Human Trafficking and Homeless Youth

Homeless and runaway youth and young adults are incredibly vulnerable to human trafficking, or forced sex or labor by fraud or coercion. A corridor between urban giants and a few lenient laws, Connecticut is it an important place to be aware of human trafficking. Homelessness is a serious risk factor for human trafficking, and therefore housing is essential to the solution.

To read more about this training, check out this article in the New Haven Register. For more information and resources on human trafficking among youth and young adults, please click here. For questions or comments, please contact Training and Communications Coordinator Sarah Chess at schess@cceh.org.

Upcoming Trainings and Events:
Diversion Training Series
Tuesday, October 18th
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tuesday, November 15
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Safe Shelter and Fair Housing for Transgender Individuals
Monday, November 21st
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Monday, December 19th
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

To learn more, please click  here  or  c ontact Training & Communications Coordinator Sarah Chess at  schess@cceh.org  f or more information. 
"Crossing the Street" with Abby Carter

October 6, 2016 from 5:00-7:00
St. Vincent de Paul
617 Main Street
Middletown, CT 

St. Vincent de Paul Middletown (SVDM) in conjunction with local artist groups  invites the public to the opening of artist/illustrator Abby Carter's Crossing the Street show.
"Crossing the Street" is meant to "break down barriers," explained Lydia Brewster, Assistant Director for Community Services at St. Vincent de Paul Middletown.  Carter has photographed and drawn over 230 portraits of soup kitchen guests all displayed as a permanent collection on the soup kitchen walls. To learn more, please click  here .

be homeful fund to open soon in 3 new CANs!

We are pleased to be expanding to  Greater New Haven, Middletown/Middlesex/Wallingford, and Northeast Connecticut! Many thanks to the agencies that responded to our recent call for Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).

CCEH would also like to recognize Access Agency for their work spearheading the Northeast CAN's be homeful drive! Access led the charge to raise funds for their region, building and promoting their site on the Paddington crowdfunding page. Thanks to their efforts, the CAN received a $500 donation from a local business owner, which was matched by CCEH through the special summer challenge!

If your agency is interested accessing be homeful shelter diversion funds for families and  joining forces with CCEH to fundraise for diversion resources for your region through the be homeful project, please contact Madeline Ravich at mravich@cceh.org .
Municipalities are Essential Partners in Effort to End Chronic Homelessness

Earlier this year Department of Housing Commissioner Evonne Klein reached  out to leadership of Connecticut's 169 municipalities to solicit their support for Zero: 2016, a campaign to end chronic homelessness in Connecticut this year. The city of Manchester responded to the call - Mayor Jay Moran pledged to support the campaign by partnering with local providers and providing a $1,000 donation to the local Zero: 2016 effort.  To read more, click here
Shelter Diversion Report

Shelter diversion is an essential component to our coordinated access system as cost-effective, lightest touch strategy to work at the shelter door to end someone's homelessness. The coordinated access regions across the state have been working hard to incorporate shelter diversion and here are some of the results, alongside news and updates, in September's diversion report. 
Youth Engagement Report

Communities across Connecticut are kicking off Youth Engagement Team Initiatives, or YETIs, in preparation for the 2017 Youth Count and to develop, implement, and evaluate a coordinated community plan to end youth homelessness by 2020. The Youth Engagement Report is intended to share relevant news and information to those participating in youth related efforts. Click here for the October 2016 Edition.
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