Volume X | October 11, 2019
MMAMTA Monthly News
Dear MMAMTA members,

October always catches me by surprise. I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and good spirits otherwise.

A number of announcements:

MOSY's 2019 Piano Showcase: Application deadline was Wednesday. Do you still have interested students? Contact Nancy Griggs at nancygriggs67@yahoo.com and she may be able to help you.

MMTA Honors Recitals: Preparatory performance opportunities for the students who will be participating in the MTNA or MMTA State auditions in Springfield in November.

  • Oct 27 (Sun) 1:30/3pm Bixby Hall, Columbia College. Open to pre-collegiate piano students. No fee. Contact Judith Shaw at jshawpiano@hotmail.com with your program before Oct 19.
  • Nov 2 (Sat) 11:30am+, First Baptist Church. A marathon for pre-collegiate and collegiate students of all instruments. $10 fee per student. Contact Ayako Tsuruta at atsuruta@aol.com with your program before Oct 26. No time limit. Schedule is usually booked by the studio.

Evaluative Auditions, Nov 23 (Sat): Performance opportunities for the students of all instruments and levels, both collegiate and pre-collegiate. Deadline is November 1 . $20 fee. See form in Handbook (see " Members " at the MMAMTA web site.) Contact chairs Jan Houser (Jefferson City) and Janice Wenger (Columbia).

MMAMTA Handbook: All MMAMTA events and application forms are available online as PDF download. You may access this by clicking onto the "Members" tab, and type in the password. If you forgot the password, please ask Ayako at atsuruta@aol.com . You must be a current, nationally registered MMAMTA member to access the Handbook. If you signed up after August 1, 2019, your membership information will be updated on for the Handbook after January 15, 2020.

MMAMTA web site, www.mmamta.org , has been updated. Please let me know if anything requires correction or addition; your help is always appreciated.

Ayako Tsuruta
MMAMTA President
Do you have a concert poster you would like to share? Please forward me the graphics (.jpg or .png only), and I will be happy to include in our monthly newsletter.


  • 18 [Fri] 7pm, First Baptist Church of Columbia: Odyssey Chamber Music Series presents "Fall in France" - music of Saint-Saens, Prokofiev, Poulenc, Damase and Faure. General Admission $20/$10 students.

  • 19 [Sat] 2pm, MU Whitmore Hall: A Joint Recital by select students of Ayako Tsuruta. Program includes Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C Major from WTC Book 2, Chopin: Ballade No. 4 and Fataisie-Impromptu Op. 66, Mendelssohn: Andante and Rond capriccioso Op. 14, and first movements from Beethoven's Op.14 No. 1 and Op. 31 No. 2, "Tempest." Free Admission.

  • 19 [Sat] 3pm, St. Andrew's ELCA Church, 914 W Blvd in Columbia: A Violin Recital given by Linnea Geenen, violin (student of Amy Appold) and Natalia Bolshakova, piano. Works will be performed by Bach, Mozart Bruch, Sarasate and Lutoslowski.

  • 26 [Sat] 10am-5pm, Memorial Baptist Church: MOSY presents Piano Showcase Auditions.​ 

  • 27 [Sun] 1pm-4pm, MU Whitmore Hall: All-State Prep Day

  • 27 [Sun] 1:30 and 3pm, Bixby Hall, Columbia College: MMTA Honors Recitals. Judith Shaw, Chair


  • 1 [Fri] Application Deadline - MMAMTA Evaluative Auditions. Janice Wenger, chair (Columbia); Jan Houser, chair (Jefferson City)

  • 2 [Sat] 11:30am-5pm, MMTA Honors Recital for College and Pre-Collegiate students, First Baptist Church in Columbia. $10 participation fee per student. To sign-up, contact Ayako Tsuruta, chair.