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Fall is finally here!
At our last Board meeting, we had the wonderful opportunity to recognize the value add that MASWA continues to represent in our own Senior Community. Please enjoy reading how you have all impacted our 2016 Charity Donation recipients, and the services they are able to provide to the Senior Community.
As a friendly reminder, we have uploaded the monthly presentations  to the website!  Please log in to the MASWA website as a member to view the presentations. Thank you for being a member and large supporter of this great organization. 
MeetingMembership Meeting
January 2016
Please join us for the Joint Public Policy Meeting between MASWA and SPSWA. Kari Thurlow, Senior Vice President of Advocacy at Leading Age Minnesota will be presenting a 2017 Legislative Session Preview.
Kari Thurlow is the Vice President of Advocacy for LeadingAge Minnesota. Since 2006, she has led the Association's advocacy efforts on both state and federal issues and with external audiences. 
With over a decade of experience in public affairs, Kari came to Aging Services with a strong background in law and public policy.  Most recently, Kari worked for several years at Flaherty & Hood, P.A., where she had the opportunity to provide legislative representation to clients on a variety of issues including bonding, property taxes, environmental and land use.
Kari holds a J.D. from Hamline University School of Law and a B.A. in political science and communications from Concordia College.

When: Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 (Yes - This is Election Day!)
                        2:30 - 2:45      Check In/Networking
                        2:45 - 3:45      Speaker
                        3:45 - 4:00      Networking
Location:          North Heights Lutheran Church
                        1700 Highway 96
                        Arden Hills, MN 55112
Questions:       Beth Nemec - MASWA -
                        Jarrod Peterson - SPSWA -
  • Understand the senior related issues being presented in the upcoming 2017 legislative session
  • Educate yourself on how you can become more involved in public policy efforts
  • Gain a better understanding of the legislative process
Certificates of Attendance (CEU) will be available. Annual Membership fee $30.00 Guest fee $5.00
PresidentPresident's Note
Linda Debner
Happy October Everyone!
This is the month of beautiful fall colors, goblins and pumpkins, and our last days of warm weather.  Enjoy to the fullest because we know what follows!

I had the privilege of delivering our charity donations last week.  I met with James Falvey, Executive Director of Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, and gave him a check for $1000.00.  He was amazed we chose his organization for our donation.  This is an organization that runs on donations as they are not eligible for grants or any government funding.  Their mission is commendable:  to provide social support for the elderly.  He told me about how so many of our elderly population are isolated and even though they may have food and shelter, they do not thrive because of their social isolation. They currently have a new initiative:  to have their professional staff focus on recruiting, training and supporting volunteers so they can meet the growing need of the community and the elders who benefit from their services.  Up until now, the professional staff members have been providing 70% of the service delivery to the elderly through their Visiting & Advocacy program.  With the aging of the baby boomers they knew they had to engage the community in order to continue providing supportive services to the elderly. With community volunteers, Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly believes they will be able to effectively address isolation and loneliness among the elderly.  

I also had the opportunity to meet with Jennifer J. Polzin, CEO of Tubman, Family Crisis & Support Services.  Although Tubman has eight (8) initiatives, we requested they use our donation for "Elder abuse intervention and prevention" in their Minneapolis program. Tubman was selected by the board for a $1000 donation based on their mission:  "Advance opportunities for change so that every person can experience safety, hope, and healing."  They offer safe shelter and transitional housing, counseling, and legal services for those needing their help.  

I was very impressed with both organizations and the services they provide for the elderly in our communities.  As we move forward, I know we will continue to make meaningful selections for our charity donations.  I am proud to be President of an organization that uses it's resources to give back to our community!

Linda Debner

MASWAContributionsMASWA Charitable Donations

Please congratulate this year's recipient, Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, of the 2016 MASWA charity donation of $1,000.00. Pictured left is Linda Debner, MASWA's President  presenting the check to James Falvey, Executive Director of Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly.

Another recipient, Tubman, of the 2016 MASWA charity donation of $1,000.00. Pictured left is Linda Debner, MASWA's President  presenting the check to Jennifer Polzin, CEO of Tubman.
We thank the recipients for all the work you do for seniors, it does not go unnoticed!

Thanks to the Minneapolis Area Senior Workers Association, East Side Neighborhood Services was able to increase its use of arts and crafts in its programs at Adult Day at Friendship Center. Both staff and program participants are very grateful for MASWA's financial contribution. Utilizing creativity involves the mind, body and spirit of older adults and enhances their quality of life. Each project is as unique as the participant. Below is a list of arts/crafts projects funded by MASWA's generous donation:
Beaded jewelry
Wooden jewelry
Watercolor paintings
Framed Stained glass
Framed decoupage art
Patriotic 4th of July themed art
Ceramics projects
Wood jewelry boxes
Wooden toys for grandchildren
Paintings on canvas
Paintings on glass
Fabric art - created the "Grand Canyon" on the bulletin board
Greeting cards made with fabric, yarn, cardstock, watercolor, acrylics
3-D monthly Birthday boards
Seasonal flower wreaths for the door at home
Stencil art
In the remainder of the year, Adult Day at Friendship Center is looking forward to the following projects, which will also be funded by MASWA:
~Creating t-shirts for Friendship Center's 40th Anniversary on date?
~Photography class
~Pumpkin carving
~Seasonal art: Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Hanukah

FallAgingConferenceFall Aging Conference

2016 Fall Aging Conference
Lessons from the Past - Planning for the Future
This year, we will take a look at the lessons from the past which our greatest generation wish to impart to us, and learn how younger generations will put their own twist on those teachings.  
Join us for a dynamic day of learning, networking and fun!
Member registration: $80.00
Non - member registration: $100.00
All registrations processed after Oct 7th: $100.00
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