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Food, Mood & Cravings                                                          October 2014
Food, Mood & Cravings
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Would you say that you eat differently to how you did ten years ago?

One of the biggest changes we've seen in the last decade is in the food industry. In the 90s two cups of coffee with sweeteners could have passed for breakfast - these days people are far more aware of the importance of good nutrition.  
The link between food and weight has been in our awareness for a long time but what is also becoming an important part of the picture is the link between food and mood. With anxiety and depression now so common, research into how our diet affects our emotions is being given more importance.

In this issue Hoffman graduate, author and cell biologist Joan Borysenko discusses how research is shedding new light on the link between diet and epigenetics. Is depression passed down the generations, for example? Her new book The PlantPlus Diet Solution: Personalized Nutrition for Life gives some answers and suggests solutions - and Joan explains how Hoffman fits in. 
If you'd like to see how the Process can help with changing unhelpful patterns and emotional responses you could try our Introduction Day on Saturday October 18 or come to our Information Evening on Tuesday October 7 in Dublin or Tuesday October 21 in London. 
If you're a Hoffman graduate we also have a Graduate Support Call - Wednesday October 22 on the theme of Refresh Your Relationships.
Wishing you a healthy, happy month 
The Hoffman Team
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Joan Borysenko 
Joan Borysenko - author of The PlantPlus Diet Solution: Personalized Nutrition for Life
A few years ago Hoffman graduate Joan Borysenko and her husband went on a low fat vegan diet to combat health problems only to find their symptoms worsened. As a cell biologist, Joan's curiosity was piqued - how could the best advice make things worse? She spent the next 3 years reviewing the latest literature on nutrition and recent discoveries in epigenetics. (Simply put, epigenetics studies the factors which influence whether we activate our genetic tendencies - if your family is historically overweight, for example, does this mean that you will be too?). 

'According to a new survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, the millennial generation is the most depressed and anxious current living generation and it's the one which eats the most processed food....What we pass on down our family line is not only a pattern of anxiety for example, but a way of eating that supports that state......

There is an entire chapter in the book dedicated to helping you develop this key skill of noticing your behaviour patterns - something which is also a foundation stone of the Hoffman Process. The Process boosts self-respect and encourages greater self-care so improving your nutrition tends to move higher up your list of priorities by the end of the course.'
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October 11 - 17, Florence House, East Sussex
October 25 - 31, Florence House, East Sussex
November 8 - 14, Florence House, East Sussex
November 22 - 28, Florence House, East Sussex
December 6 - 12, Florence House, East Sussex
For full listings of UK Process dates: More info & book online    
SRA = Some Single rooms are available upon request
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Hoffman Information Evenings
This is a great opportunity to meet the Hoffman teachers and Process participants, ask questions, hear people's experiences and decide if the Process is right for you now, or in the future. They start from 7.30pm and finish around 9.30pm. They're free and there's no need to book. 

Tuesday 7 OctoberBrooks Hotel, Dublin
Tuesday 21 October - Regent's University, London  
Tuesday 18 November - Regent's University, London  More Info
Hoffman Introduction Day - Saturday 18 October

This 'stand alone' workshop is for curious people who wish to learn more about what the Hoffman Process offers and what to expect from this week-long residential course.

This can be especially useful for partners/family members of people who have completed the Process. It allows them to find out and understand what their loved ones have experienced.   
More info & book online 

Can't make this one? The next one is Saturday 7 February - 2015

PhoneHoffman Information Phone-In
Join our monthly Phone-In, Tuesday 14 October to find out whether the Process is right for you. These calls are led by a member of the Hoffman team and often include previous course participants who can help answer your questions. Call from anywhere in the world. 7.30pm - 8.30pm GMT.  Call instructions and FAQs        
Can't make this date? Next call is Tuesday 11 November
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Q2: 3-day Refresher - October 3 - 5                                                                            Back to Top

Are you missing the Hoffman connection? 

The Q2 allows you to build upon your Process work, providing an opportunity to explore some of the areas that you wish to investigate further. It enables you to focus on a particular relationship or challenge as well as deepening your Process experience. 


Date: October 3 - 5
Teachers: Tim Laurence & Lisa Wenger
Florence House, East Sussex

More info & to book

Support Call - Refresh your Relationships                                                              Back to Top

This month's Support Call - Wednesday 22 October is Refresh your Relationships and is led by Supervising Hoffman Teacher, Jeremy Kynaston - 7.30pm - 8.45pm.


Is your relationship feeling a bit stuck, a little stale? Does it feel as if the spark has dimmed or even gone out? Are you reacting to and/or blaming your partner when things aren't going smoothly? Do you want to do something about what's missing, or has changed between you, but you don't know where to start?


These calls are ideal when you finish your post Process Support Groups and want to reconnect to the Process tools. We also welcome Hoffman graduates who've been 'out of the loop' and want a fresh perspective. In short - if you've done the Process - wherever you live - this one's for you..!

More info & book online

Hoffman Reconnection Day - January 17 2015                                                            Back to Top

Is it time to book your place and reconnect with some of the Hoffman tools and techniques and refresh your Process experience. Rekindle your vision, clarify your direction and connect with other Hoffman graduates and teachers old and new. Come along and laugh, smile, have fun and wend your way home full of insights, inspiring visions, joy and light...


Date: Saturday 17 January
Time: 10.00am - 5.30pm (arrive from 9.30am for refreshments) 

Cost: �90 per person or �160 for two
Venue: London
Nearest Tube: TBC 


Book this event online 

Support for Everyone                                                                                                   Back to Top

Pre & Post Process Suppport 

1:1 coaching is offered by many of the Hoffman teaching team before and/or after the course and we can also help make referrals where appropriate. We have strong links with therapists, health professionals and treatment centres and we'd be happy to assist you find the best alternative should the Process not be suitable. If you have done the Process click here, if not then please call the Hoffman office - 01903 88 99 90

Social Media & Latest News 

Hoffman has two Facebook pages. One for those who would like to find out more about the Process and a private Hoffman graduate page where graduates can share their experiences. You can also subscribe to or read our newsletter, tweets and blogs. The Post Process website also provides Hoffman graduates with additional tools and materials where they can download recordings and benefit from graduate news and support. 

Closure Dates - Hoffman Graduates Only                                                                    Back to Top

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Closure is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Process and nurture yourself. 

Thursday 16 October: Florence House, East Sussex
Teachers: Tim, Eliza & Jeremy
Thursday 30 October: Florence House, East Sussex
Teachers: Eliza, Jeremy & Mairi
Thursday 13 November: Florence House, East Sussex
Teachers: Gabi, Matthew & Mairi

Please book in advance: 01903 88 99 90 or email the office. For more about Closure Click here

New Self Support Group - Stay connected in your area                                                Back to Top

Emma would love to hear from grads in the Netherlands - South area to join the Self Support Group
Jacquie would love to hear from grads in Mallorca to join the Self Support Group
Mathieu would love to hear from grads in Amsterdam or Haarlem areas to join the Self Support Group
Sara Liddle - Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in Jersey.
Rona Miller - Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in the Glasgow area.
Aubyn de Lisle's Self Support Group would love to hear from grads in the Leicester area.
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