Welcome to our October update!    

Happy October! We have a fun Pop-Up activity this month focusing on apples. We encourage you to get outside and go apple picking (or choose some at a farmer’s market), make a healthy dish with the apples and then submit the photo to enter a raffle for a prize (only MIIA/BCBS subscribers can earn the prize). Check it out below – it’s called The Apple of My Eye.


We are also thrilled to be offering the app Headspace to all MIIA/BCBS subscribers. Through science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools, Headspace helps you create life-changing habits to support your mental health and find a healthier, happier you. See below for more information.


Lastly, remember that you can ask questions of our registered dietitian and nutrition expert, Sandy Sarni. Details are below in the Ask the Nutritionist column. We will only publish your question with your permission, but Sandy will be happy to answer any questions that come her way.


See you in November!

— Courtney Hernandez, Wellness Manager

The Well Aware Self-Directed Activity Challenges

Now there are TWO ways to earn gift cards while staying fit and well! Find our Wellbeing Smorgasbord and Webinar Buffet in each Monthly Newsletter like Balance and Tone and How Is Your Balance. We offer a variety of exercise, diet and wellbeing activities in self-directed and webinar formats. Each program includes educational information, tips and strategies. Only MIIA/Blue Cross subscribers are eligible for $125 worth of gift cards.

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Program of the Month

Balance and Tone

2-week Self-Directed Challenge Starting Oct. 17

Learn how to improve your balance and tone your body for better fitness and prevent injuries. Balance training strengthens the muscles that help keep you upright, including your legs and core. Good balance and muscle tone are important to so many functional activities we do every day. Exercises that improve balance and muscle tone can help prevent falls. All exercises can be modified in range of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Earn cool prizes as well.

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Webinar of the Month

How Is Your Balance?

Want to improve your balance and increase your overall strength? Join Kate Kuzminski, Certified Mobility and Personal Trainer and learn why it is so important to improve and maintain your balance and stability and how basic strength training plays a key role. Kate will guide you through simple exercises and help you to design a personalized program. Available October 1 through 31, 2022.

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Headspace – Be Kind to Your Mind

Mindfulness has been shown to help people stress less, increase focus and sleep more soundly. Meditation helps you to be more mindful — and Headspace is your personal guide, with hundreds of meditations and exercises for sleep, focus and movement. MIIA is excited to announce a partnership with Headspace to bring mindfulness content and support to you. MIIA Blue Cross subscribers will have complete access to the premium Headspace library for free.

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Be the Apple of Someone’s Eye

Pop-Up Activity Starting October 3

Apple picking (or purchase pre-picked on site) at one or more local orchards is a great outdoor activity whether you go as a family or with friends or just by yourself! For this activity, choose at least one apple variety you have never eaten and make at least one thing with your apples. Take a photo of the orchard or store and the dish you created to enter our raffle for a $75 Williams Sonoma gift cards (only MIIA/BCBS members are eligible).

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Quizzify – New Mobil App Quizzify2Go

We have a great new app from our friends at Quizzify. It's called Quizzify2Go and it can help save you money on emergency room bills. It can also help you prepare for doctor visits with background info and a list of questions to ask. 

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Good Health Gateway

Diabetes Care Rewards Program

If you and/or a family member on a MIIA/BCBS health plan are living with pre-diabetes or any type of diabetes, you are eligible to participate in the Good Health Gateway® Diabetes Care Rewards Program. The program helps ensure you are seeing your doctors and getting the basic diabetes care needed to take care of your health. Check out the limited time bonus offer.

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Walking in Massachusetts

Moore State Park

Every month we will feature a different walk highlighting the beautiful nature paths throughout Massachusetts. We will make some trail recommendations and suggestions on proper foot attire. We hope you enjoy these walks by yourself or with family, friends, or furry friends. This month visit Moore State Park in Paxton.

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Ask the Nutritionist

I have heard a lot about the potential health benefits of coconut oil. Is coconut oil healthy?

Do you have questions about what to eat or anything related to nutrition and food? Our new "Ask the Nutritionist" column will answer these for you. Sandy Sarni, MS, RD, MIIA's Integrative Nutritionist, will answer a question each month to help you make healthy choices for you and your family. Please submit your questions to:  ssarni@mma.org

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Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

Southern Living

Change up your usual side dish routine with sweet potatoes, which are loaded with B vitamins and fiber.

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