OCTOBER 2018 Edition
It's Halloween at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo!
We have activities for the whole family to do!
There's a Spooky Trail and Pumpkin Carving too...
Stop by for a visit! We look forward to welcoming you!
Welcome to the new Junior Volunteers
Wallaby Eye Surgery
Sea Turtle Soirée
Bermuda Turtle Project Lecture
Art at West End Primary
WILD Encounters
The New Junior Volunteers (JVs) have been chosen! Welcome to Max Ponte, Shannon Mello, Trey Vance, Kacey McGowan, Grace Arrowsmith, Kate Tobin, Amari Maxwell, Aaliyah Crockwell, Kirsty Sanchez, Charlie Davis, Peter Komposch, Thomasina Pearman, Logan Soares, Noah DaSilva, Thandiewe Stovell, Jak Froud, Najae Swan and Liam Walker.

The JV programme is designed for students aged 14 to 17 years. The programme requires a year-long commitment and allows students the opportunity to volunteer in all areas of the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ). They also take part in community conservation projects, field trips and educational activities.
This highly competitive programme runs from October to June. Participants must commit to a Saturday or Sunday morning each week for the entire programme.

To welcome the JVs into their new roles, they spent the night out on Trunk Island on Saturday, 6 th October.

Upon their arrival to the island, they were tasked with helping to prepare for the Spooky Trails event. They also brainstormed as a group on future fund raising events that could be held throughout the year.

Before cooking their own dinner of burgers and pizza, the JVs went for a swim and some kayaked around Trunk Island. They were able to indulge in some s’mores around the bonfire before heading to sleep in the cottage.
On the Sunday morning they were taken to BAMZ, where they were introduced to the staff. They were then given a scavenger hunt to complete; this involved finding things both in the facility, as well as heading out on the RV Endurance to complete the hunt around the island. 
Last month ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Teye-Botchway, operated on the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo’s Parma Wallaby, Mandu, removing his luxated lens that was causing fluid build-up and dangerous pressure to form in his eye.

“We had noticed that Mandu’s eye had suddenly become enlarged and cloudy,” said Dr. Ian Walker, Principle Curator and veterinarian on the facility. “This is normally due to a build-up of pressure in the eye known as glaucoma, and is likely related to ageing in this species.”
After a physical examination it was determined that Mandu’s glaucoma had been caused by a luxated lens that had fallen forward in his eye causing an increase in pressure and damage to the front of the eye, called the cornea.

It was in the best interest of the animal to try and save the eye, so Dr. Walker arranged for eye specialist, Dr. Teye-Botchway, to perform the surgery. Dr. Teye-Botchway was assisted by Dr. Gaelle Roth while anaesthesia was provided by Dr. Walker.
The surgery consisted of making a small incision in the Wallaby’s cornea and carefully removing the lens. The surgical wound was then sutured closed with a special suture, which is thinner than human hair, using microsurgical instruments.

Mandu received medication for pain relief after surgery. She also received anti-inflammatory drops and antibiotics to aid in the recovery.
Since the surgery, Mandu’s recovery has been gradual and progressive, and the operated eye is now much clearer, although it will never be known exactly how much sight the wallaby has.

“There is no doubt the he is far more comfortable, now that we have removed the lens,” said Dr. Teye-Botchway. “It took him a few weeks to recover from the operation, but the cloudiness in his right eye has cleared considerably and he now confidently hops through his habitat with no issue.”

Dr. Walker stated “I would like to thank Dr Teye-Botchway personally for taking time out of his busy schedule and using his expertise to consult and perform surgery on one of our animals. Not every human surgeon would be willing, but BAMZ has been very lucky in getting assistance in this regard and we are very appreciative.”
Come shellabrate with us!! Purchase your tickets for the Bermuda Turtle Project’s ‘Sea Turtle Soirée’ Fundraiser now by clicking here!

It’s the Bermuda Turtle Project’s 50th Anniversary so please join us for an evening of delicious cocktails and fabulous food from around the world perfectly paired with a large selection of wines courtesy of Goslings. Prepare mix and mingle! Interact and enjoy!

Thanks to the generous donations of several sponsors and patrons, the event costs have been completely covered so 100% of your ticket price will go directly to the Bermuda Turtle Project.
About the Bermuda Turtle Project:

For more than half a century the research of the Bermuda Turtle Project (BTP) has focused on the understanding of green turtle biology so that successful protection can be promoted for these animals in Bermuda and throughout their range. With respected scientific directors, effective longstanding partnerships, excellent science and a lot of passion, the mark and recapture study maintains one of the largest data sets in the world on growth and movements of free-ranging, immature green turtles. The BTP has transformed the way we conserve this valuable species. Equally impressive is the outreach that occurs when young researchers participate in our annual In-Water Course on the Biology and Conservation of Marine Turtles. Once those biologists leave Bermuda they go back to their communities and share what they have learned, inspiring new generations of conservationists.

For more information, please email  BTP50@BZS.BM  or call (441) 505-7878.
Earlier this month, at West End Primary, the students participated in competition with the theme of "Bermuda Community".

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo were happy to find out that P5 student, Legend Stevenson, chose us to be his representation of Bermuda Community.

We were even more happy to find out that he won 3rd place for his art piece!

Congratulations to Legend!
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