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Data Intelligence-as-a-Solution Employed for
Fraud Detection Analytics

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) leveraged the Office of Data Governance and Analytics (ODGA) Data Intelligence-as-a-Solution to efficiently identify fraudulent unemployment claims. During the first three weeks of use, the VEC was able to identify 1,675 claims of possible fraud!

"This solution was designed to enable the VEC to quickly identify and investigate fraudulent and potentially fraudulent claims for unemployment compensation. Work on developing the solution began in early March, and it was deployed on July 31, 2021. This enabled the agency to target investigation resources on those claims that had a potential dollar value of $11.1 million. On August 19, the VEC was able to use this tool to identify and shut down 249 claims that were the direct result of a "bot" attack by a criminal element. Our partnership with the ODGA was extremely important to the speed with which we were able to deploy this solution since we were able to leverage the ODGA's existing infrastructure and development tools."
ODGA and Radford Vinod Chachra IMPACT Lab Partnership

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics has partnered with Radford University Vinod Chachra IMPACT (Innovative Mobile Personalized Accelerated Competency Training) Lab, a competency-based education (CBE) workforce development program to develop data intelligence courses. The program consists of 5 courses, including data governance, data curation, data quality, data visualization, data security, and spatial intelligence. This partnership serves to educate the Commonwealth and beyond about important data governance, security, science, and intelligence concepts supporting workforce development in the areas of cybersecurity, geospatial intelligence, education, data intelligence, and future high demand areas.
The Virtual Virginia Datathon is This Week
The Virtual Virginia Datathon will be held on October 7-8, 2021. Tune in to the livestream on the Library of Virginia's YouTube to watch guest speakers including opening remarks from the First Lady and the solutions that the teams develop!
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Last Month's Spotlight: CoVERED

The Office of Data Governance and Analytics has developed the Commonwealth of Virginia Entity Resolution for Enterprise Data (CoVERED). This solution ingests two data streams separating the attributes that identify individuals (PII) from those that characterize the government services they receive by leveraging partnerships with executive branch agencies and other organizations through the Commonwealth Data Trust. The goal of CoVERED is to drive impact through insight, not identification.

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