10 Years of IDDSI - Festivals, Festivals, Festivals
3rd UK Festival 

The third UK IDDSI Festival sold out all 250 delegate tickets in record time this year and was a huge success across the board. The format of these festivals is far more interactive than traditional academic conferences or trade fairs, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders in one room. This resulted in a whole day of dialogue between 13 commercial suppliers and caterers with exhibition booths, 4 professional and clinical bodies, and hundreds of stakeholders involved with food and drink products for people with swallowing disorders.  This year’s event focused on working together to provide safe and dignified dining.

Keynote presentations included: Kathleen Graham from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists discussing the current and in-progress position statements on the use of drink thickeners. Mindy Bhalla from the CQC speaking about regulation and the ways they can support care providers. On the same stage the delegates and exhibitors watched live kitchen skills demonstrations from chefs including Niamh Condon (“Dining with Dignity”) and James Ball & Preston Walker from Oak House Kitchen. Interspersed with these presentations, the cabaret-style audience sampled inspirational examples of foods and drinks from thick mocktails to delicious and nutritious fortified snacks. Renowned Speech and Language Therapists Hannah Crawford and Sam Bradley provoked deep thought on patients’ mental capacity and exploring risks which were far more than choking and aspiration. Dietitian Alison Smith joined a large panel of speakers who debated issues in Q & A sessions with the audience. They discussed some emotional case studies that reminded us of the importance of high-quality care for all. 
Throughout the festival, commercial exhibitors leading in modification and dignified dining demonstrated exemplary products and services including non-melt ice creams, flavoured “air” foams, laboratory grade testing equipment and the innovative drinks machine which dispensed hot and cold thickened drinks. 
Peter Lam, IDDSI Chair and CEO opens the day and welcomes everyone to UK IDDSI Festival 2023
Delegates enjoying presentation on IDDSI foods
IDDSI Chair and CEO Peter Lam, RD, and board member Dr Ben Hanson interlinked the day and made themselves accessible (and hospitable) to help all delegates enjoy and make the most from the day. “I am absolutely delighted,” said Ben Hanson, “with the enthusiasm and activity from everyone in this hall. The organisation has been terrific and so smooth all day. With long waiting lists for delegates and suppliers, you can bet we’ll be hosting another event next year!” 
At the IDDSI booth L-R: James Ball, Preston Walker, Peter Lam, Ben Hanson and Rachael Masters
Having fun preparing the IDDSI bags for the Festival
Ben Hanson, Event Coordinator introducing presentation by Kathleen Graham, RCSLT
Winner of UK IDDSI Festival 2023 Favourite Texture Modified Food Award - flavour creations – IDDSI Level 4 Screemies (ice cream)
Winner of UK IDDSI Festival 2023 Favourite Thickened Drink Award – Nestle Health Science – IDDSI Level 2 Mocktail
Delegates were pleased to hear that the 10-pack IDDSI funnel will soon be available to purchase through a UK outlet.   Soon to be available on Amazon.co.uk!
Package of 10 IDDSI Funnels with instructions for use included.

Peter Lam IDDSI Chair and CEO, holding the new packages of 10 IDDSI Funnels!
Delegates’ feedback included:
It was the best industry event I have been to – and it was affordable to the care providers too, which was really refreshing. Everyone was approachable and relaxed, and my Chefs really enjoyed it, learning so much about how they can improve and innovate.  

I never expected it to be so good! Thanks for a great day. The food was fantastic too – very slick lunchboxes! 

There was an infectious enthusiasm, and I found some amazing products that I never knew existed such as intense flavored foam which really had a place for those towards the end of their life. 

There is always so much to learn and so much to take away at the IDDSI conferences and this was the best yet. It is such a specialized area and one that the industry is crying out for more information on, and this delivered in spades! You weren’t left with questions as there weren’t any missing links; you understood the considerations of the patient, the Speech and Language Therapists, the Dieticians and the caterers and where they can continue working together to deliver. 
Delightful & Delicious Recipes

Panel Discussion, L-R: Alison Smith, Chef Niamh Condon, Mindy Bhalla CQC, Jenny Mulligan, Phil Shelley NHS England and Helen Ream BDA
Delegates participating in IDDSI Drink Level Workshop
Andy Cullum, National Craft Trainer, Four Seasons Healthcare
IDDSI Product Showcase
"Why are we trying to improve presentation and taste?" presented by Dysphagia Chef, Niamh Condon
Janne Schack
Rachael Masters
Hannah Crawford and Sam Bradley
Mindy Bhalla, CQC
Delegates participating in the Thickener Workshop with James Ball and Preston Walker, UKIRG & Culinary IRG Leaders
Our sincere appreciation to the UK IDDSI Festival Sponsors:
Many thanks also to the following organisations for exhibiting at:
·        British Dietetics Association (BDA)
·        Healthcare Caterers Association (HCA)
·        National Association of Care Caters (NACC)
·        Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)
·        United Kingdom Swallowing Research Group (UKSRG)
L-R: Neel Radia Event Coordinator, Sophie Murray, Rachael Masters, Andrew Cullum, Jenny Mulligan, Janne Schack, Peter Lam Chair & CEO, James Ball, UKIRG & Culinary IRG co-leader, Ben Hansen IDDSI Board Member & UKIRG co-leader, Preston Walker, UKIRG & Culinary IRG co-leader

Congratulations to the UK IDDSI Festival Planning Team for an amazing event. Planning is already underway for the 2024 event. Watch for an announcement in our upcoming e-Bite and hold the date for next year’s festival!
Canada IDDSI Festival 2023 – Sold Out Event
Thursday, October 26th, 2023 at Humber College, Toronto, Ontario
Watch for highlights from the event in our next e-Bite newsletter
US IDDSI Festival 2024
(More information to come in upcoming e-Bite newsletters)
IDDSI Fork-pressure Test Under the Microscope - NEW OPTIONS

The fork-pressure test was designed by the IDDSI Board as a practical and standardized method of applying pressure to food to test how hard or firm the food is while avoiding the use of any machinery or electronics. The pressure which typically causes a thumbnail to begin to blanche (approx. 17kPa) is relevant to the pressure created by a person’s tongue when generating a swallow.
To perform this test with increased precision and reliability, we now offer the following optional method:

1) Cut the food item to a 15 x 15mm size – no smaller, no larger.

2) Place the item in the center of the plate of your kitchen scales.

3) Apply the fork pressure test as usual, but use the scale indicator to ensure that no more than 390g force is applied.

Provided the food sample is 15 x 15mm in size, 390g will equate to 17kPa pressure on the item.

As usual, the food item is classified as “soft” if it crushes with less than 17kPa pressure and does not return to its original shape when the pressure is released.

Every person’s swallow pressure varies so it’s important to always use clinical judgement first. 
Global Updates
If there is IDDSI implementation activity happening in your part of the world and you do not see the information on the IDDSI website or mentioned in the e-bite, please contact us and let us know, We will be most happy to acknowledge your contribution and let the rest of the world know what you are doing.
Take a look below to see what global and different reference groups are doing to support IDDSI Implementation.
BRAZIL: The Brazilian congress of SLP occurred from October 3rd - 6th in Rio de Janeiro. 
There, we had an exclusive IDDSI activity, the IDDSI experience, with lectures on the concept, implementation, adapted food recipes and testing of foods and medicines according to IDDSI levels. We had around 100 people attending and also had a round table to discuss the implementation of IDDSI in long-term care facilities and public and private hospitals. 

We participated in an arena with a case report where the change of consistencies was part of the solutions for the case. We were there to distribute materials and answer questions.
In addition to these activities, IDDSI was mentioned in several lectures and research demonstrations. If you want to know more about IRG Brazil follow us at Instagram: @iddsi_brazil
L-R: Camila Monteiro, José Ribamar do Nascimento Júnior, Alessandra Rischiteli, Fabiana Garcia, Cynthia Godoy and Cinthia Madeira
Participants enjoying the IDDSI experience
IDDSI Presentation
L-R: Cinthia Madeira, Fabiane Garcia and Cynthia Godoy
ITALY: The first congress of Italian society of deglutology took place in Torino on October 6th, 2023. Incoming IDDSI Board Member Carlo Pedrolli presented on the topic of "texture classification" with the IDDSI framework featured.   

Carlo Pedrolli was also asked to present at a congress in Florence called "Geriatric Alliance" in a training course dealing with dysphagia. His presentation focused on IDDSI classification.
Carlo Pedrolli presenting
Geriatric Alliance Congress in Florence, Italy
JAPAN: Many thanks to the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JSDR) and Food Care Inc. for inviting Peter Lam, IDDSI Chairperson & CEO to present at the JSDR 29th Annual Meeting on 2 & 3 September 2023 in Yokohama, Japan.   
Peter Lam, IDDSI Chair & CEO presenting on Global Impact of IDDSI at a session sponsored by FoodCare Co. Ltd., IDDSI Gold Sponsor
Junko Ueshima, co-presenting with Peter Lam, IDDSI Chair & CEO on Standards, Practice & Training
The sessions were chaired by past IDDSI board member, Prof. Jun Kayashita (above with Peter Lam) and wonderfully supported by Overseas Sales Manager Noboru Yamazaki, Managing Director Mr. Yuya Takeuchi and Founder and CEO Mr. Yutaka Takeuchi (with Peter Lam below) of the FoodCare team.
JSDR Presidents Dinner (L-R: Dr. Orapin Komin, Thailand, Dr. Hongmei Wen, China, Dr. Byung-Mo Oh, Korea, Dr. Shun-Te Huang, Taiwan, Peter Lam, IDDSI Chair & CEO)

Japan IDDSI Reference Group Leaders: (L-R: Jin Magara, Kotomi Saka, Mari Nakao & Peter Lam, IDDSI Chair & CEO)
Exhibition Hall with many exhibitors and Mari Nakao, Japan IRG Leader/Asia Regional IRG co-leader, sampling products in exhibition.

An enthusiastic and energetic group at JSDR 1st Annual Social Morning Run
The conference had a delightful mix of education sessions, exhibition and social events including the 1st Annual JSDR social morning run. Congratulations to the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation for a most successful 29th Annual Meeting.
USIRG: The Resource and Best Practise group has researched and indexed helpful IDDSI Resources for you. Check out their newsletter here 
Stay tuned for ASHA news in the next newsletter - IDDSI will be in Boston! You can visit the USIRG's webpage here for more information or email them at usa@iddsi.net
IDDSI Reference Group Volunteering
If you are interested in joining an IDDSI Reference Group, please email the contact for the group. We welcome everyone who wants to help with guiding & fostering IDDSI implementation. Being part of a reference group is a great opportunity to meet IDDSI friends in your local, regional area. And you never know, something amazing may happen when great brains come together!
Don't see an IDDSI Reference Group for your practise or regional area? Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation in your regional or practice area? Fill out the form here.
Webinars & IDDSI Learning
If you have any suggestions for webinar topics, we’d love to hear them! Head over to our Contact Us form, choose subject “Webinars”, and let us know what you’d like to see in the upcoming months. 
Previous Webinars and Recordings
Missed any of our other webinars? All our webinars are recorded and can be found on here, but please note rewatching the webinars on YouTube will not provide you with a Certificate of Attendance.

If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration. 
Upcoming Events:

  • Asia Dysphagia Society Conference: New Era of Dysphagia Management in Asia - Suwon Convention Center, Korea November 9-11, 2023

  • ESSD 2023 13th Annual Congress, Deglutition: what a junction! Toulouse, France  November 28-December 3, 2023 https://essd2023.org Plan to visit the IDDSI exhibitor booth to meet members of the EU IDDSI Reference Groups, get some IDDSI resources and discuss your IDDSI activities.

  • Dysphagia Research Society Annual Conference 2024 – San Juan, Puerto Rico  March 12-15, 2024 https://www.dysphagiaresearch.org/page/2024-Annual-Meeting

If you are aware of other events where IDDSI will be featured, please share the information with us by sending the details to: office@iddsi.org
Take a look to see where different regions are in respect to supporting IDDSI Implementation.
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