October 2021
Location Highlight
Street Art of Eureka, Humboldt County

For decades, Eureka has been home to many murals and has been named one of California's 14 designated Cultural Arts Districts. Starting a few years ago, it is also now home to the Eureka Street Art Festival which every year adds to the dozens upon dozens of existing murals and street art pieces throughout our beautiful seaside town. The great news is that the media rights for pieces created or updated during the festival are controlled by the festival organization, which is open to all types of media using the murals for projects. The murals are located in alleys, city streets, major highways, and in parking lots, giving lots of choices for locations. The subjects and styles vary wildly, allowing for even more creative choices. Perhaps your production is looking for some unique, colorful backdrops to add some interest to the project. If so, check out the small sampling below and contact us to get more info on the locations and types of murals.
Production Notes
Permit- Easy (City of Eureka)

Parking- Varies (available on-site and nearby)

Catering- Nearby (many choices within Eureka)

Accommodations- Nearby

Nearest Resources- Nearby

Nearest HWY- HWY 101- Nearby
Production Resources
Production Resources
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The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is here to help with your production needs and our services are provided free of charge. 

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is recognized by the County of Humboldt, County of Del Norte, and the California Film Commission as the official advocate for filming in Humboldt and Del Norte, California. 

We are also a member of the organization FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide), AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International), LMGI (Location Managers Guild International), and AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers).
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