• PIC Network Webinar: How caring for moms can save babies
  • Reopening nine healthy, safe sanctuaries
  • A Hope House and Headwaters: Maria's story
  • 2021 Prenatal and Infant Care directories available
  • The future of grantmaking
Supporting prenatal and infant care
Dr. Emily Scott, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine
Chelsea Harris CHW, CLS, Healthier Moms and Babies
Foundation Program: PIC Network Webinar
Dr. Emily Scott presents research on how
providing "interconception" care
can save moms and babies

The next PIC webinar, November 19, at 11:30 AM, will focus on preconception and interconception health. According to the US Department of Health Resources and Services Administration's Committee on Infant Mortality (SACIM) Report, "if preconception and interconception health and care is improved, the United States will achieve better infant and child health outcomes".

Dr. Emily Scott, Indiana University School of Medicine, will share new research and models on how to use well-child visits as an opportunity to provide interconception screening, counseling and interventions for mothers. She will address how to use this research to improve the outcome of subsequent pregnancies, along with consistent screening for safe sleep practices, to positively impact infant mortality rates at a low cost.

The free webinar will also feature Chelsea Harris presenting Healthier Moms & Babies' new local program, "Own Your Journey." The curriculum covers subjects such as living a healthy life, making positive choices, and having healthy relationships before and during pregnancy. Chelsea will share successful models and stories.
Providing access to quality, affordable healthcare
St. Joe Foundation Board Member Dr. Lora Overton (right) and Grants Management and Project Coordinator Amy Saleik (left) organized PPE to help nine local churches and schools.
Foundation Program: Healthy Safe Sanctuaries
Reopening healthy, safe sanctuaries
by Rachel Krach

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever marked the year 2020 as a period of unexpected worries and challenges. Changes to everyday life, such as school and business closures, have impelled many in the Fort Wayne community and across the world to assume new or greater responsibility to keep themselves and others safe. Indeed, heroes have emerged in our teachers, parents, government leaders, and healthcare workers, and Fort Wayne’s own Dr. Lora Overton is no exception.
Promoting the dignity of all people
*** Caution - this video discusses sensitive adult topics ***
Grantees spotlight: Headwaters and Hope House
Maria's story
Since 2003, the St. Joe Foundation has supported mental health and addiction recovery counseling services at both the Hope House (now YWCA) and Headwaters Counseling to help individuals find safety and healing. Maria's personal story shares how the transformative care provided by these two organizations changed her life.
Providing access to quality, affordable healthcare
Foundation update:
Prenatal & Infant Care Resource Directories
now available
The 2021 version of the Prenatal & Infant Care Resource Directory is now available! These directories are provided by the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation to connect local families with over 80 free and low-cost health care resources. Paperback directories can be ordered for free by individuals or by agencies to be distributed to clients. These resources will also be updated soon on www.HealthCareDirectory.org.
Excellence in Grantmaking
Mitch Stein, Founder and CEO of MPowerUs, Dr. Bev Browning, Author of Grant Writing for Dummies, Adam Liebling, Director of Grants Management Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,
Meg Distler, Executive Director, St. Joseph Community Health Foundation,
and Gauri Manglik, Co-Founder and CEO of Instrumentl
Foundation update:
Meg Distler joins distinguished panel
to discuss the future of grantmaking
St. Joseph Community Health Foundation Executive Director Meg Distler joined a panel of other grantmaking experts from across the country to discuss the impact of technology on grantmaking and the potential for a more equitable future. MPowerUs, who hosted the conversation, is
a web-based pilot, launched by Fort Wayne native Mitch Stein and is gaining national recognition. MPowerUs.org helps those in the nonprofit community make the most of technology for fundraising and more.
 A ministry sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.