Chair's Corner
Welcome to our first newsletter in 2020-2021. We are making plans about how to live up to the two aspects of our mission: to provide a network for staff alumni and to further the mission of JA USA. Today, I will focus on providing a network.

We have a highly engaged Communication Committee and you will be hearing from us by:
> Newsletters will be sent every other month by email, or hard copy if you prefer.
> Phone calls to touch base and hear about how and what you are doing.
> A mid-year virtual meeting. We had good turnout and a lot of fun at our first virtual Annual Meeting and we will schedule another after the first of the year. This one will have fewer reports and business and more time to visit.
> An updated web site to make it more accessible for you.
> Continual updating of our Facebook page. If you have not joined our Facebook group, please do so by clicking here.

As usual, we will kick-off our annual fund drive to raise money for the 2021-2022 year in late fall. You’ll hear more from Marty Lee and his team soon.

From the very earliest meetings, the founders of our organization, the Pioneers, were dedicated to preserving the history of JA. I am excited to report that in the next few weeks we will post the transcripts of oral history interviews with four of our distinguished leaders:
  • Gil Folleher,
  • Ron Cody,
  • Jim Sweeny, and
  • Paul Osteguard. 

We will alert you on Facebook when they are posted. We have many more oral histories that have been transcribed but need editing. If you would like to help with this important, and interesting project, please contact Elaine Saunders at

Please stay well and safe and keep in touch. 
Member Spotlight - What Are They Doing Now?
When asked why they joined JASAN, members overwhelmingly answer, “connections with former colleagues.” Each newsletter will feature someone who has found their next passion. Today, we profile Joanne Kahl. Joanne spent nearly 30 years with JA of Washington. She completed her career as SVP of Operations.

After retiring from JA, and moving to Texas to be with family, Joanne purchased a Home Helpers Home Care franchise. When asked “why senior in-home care,” Joanne talks passionately about the struggle she had finding quality care for her aging mother after her father passed away.
What's Happening at JA USA?
The JASAN mission states that we provide a network for staff alumni and further the mission of JA USA. We hope you had a chance to view the video of the 2020 Sweeny Scholarship winner, Alyssa Lee during the Virtual Annual Meeting. The JA Staff Alumni Network funds the Sweeney Scholarship, given to an outstanding student at the JA Student Leadership Forum each year. These students are the heart of JA, and thought you’d enjoy seeing a brief view of this year’s conference. Check it out…. Click HERE.

If you want to hear more about JA USA’s “Digital First” Education strategy, visit this 45-minute webinar at your convenience. Click HERE.
Meet Our Newest Members
There are currently 288 members of the JA Staff Alumni Network, a Pioneer Legacy! We are thrilled to welcome our newest members:
Jennifer Anderson, Executive VP JA Southeast Texas
Gina Blayney, President, JA of the Upper Midwest
Carol Lucio, District Director, JA of OKI
If you know someone who is over the age of 40, and spent five years or more as a member of the Junior Achievement staff, please contact Tamara Ridenour, Chair of the membership committee ( You can also invite them to join our Facebook group at (

The mission of the JA Staff Alumni Network is to provide a network for staff alumni ​and to further the mission of JA USA.