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This is Fall
- Note from Nancy Jones

Ah, the FALL in Desert Triathlon LIVING! Nothing speaks to our little obsessed hearts like the realization we don't have to wake at 4am for our long Sunday ride. No ritual in getting dressed compares to the fresh layer of joy added when adding our favorite long sleeve layer to the day's workout uniform. None will rival the unique to only 'athlete life' mood boost of personal newness when crisp air meets skin in motion.

Indeed, we've shed the heat in time to add the necessary layers. Not just in clothing (though our thin Vegas blood will surely require that base). But, in challenges. In new environments which inevitably appear with the new temperatures. And each scene is as unique as the athlete themselves.

For instance the local or close short course races from BBSC or HITS. These are the perfect stepping stones from club glory, to learning of the personal position in the amateur nation via USAT number. Then perhaps, leapt further to navigate one's self through the triathlete's convoluted and dimensional journey of completing (still vertical) the larger scale world of Long course. Or even an Ironman event!

Or better yet, to stretch the 5k run race to a 10k given the extra sodium also running through bloodstream. The decision to 'try and go longer' given the amnesty of the weather. Then using the huge chunk of time and seasons ahead to build that aerobic capacity sure to withstand the heat when she so returns to challenge us.

Seasons are without a doubt much more than just temperature and holidays for an endurance athlete.
They're the Spring Cleaning of the soul (pun very much intended).
An opportunity for redefining ourselves.
Further into the months for further growth.
The inhalation of the crisp and the fresh and the embodiment of our new athletic selves.

This is Fall.
On the Calendar:
Phast Kids Tri November 3
Just around the desert border:
HITS tri Palm Springs October 25-26 .

Socials/Training Events/Education

Clear your calendar!-
November 2-3 is the LV Tri Club retreat! For more info, visit our FB group and website

Join Life Time Run and Cycle online for more information!

Green Valley Life Time Run Club Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm
Saturday at 6:30am Green Valley Life Time Cycle
Sunday 7am Cycle all levels welcome.

2020 Season kick-off dinner on 2/1/2020 (details to come)

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Member Spotlight!

This month’s spotlighted member is a relative newcomer to the sport, but a man who is improving at a rapid pace!- Shawn Roof

Prez Corner:

Thoughtful notes from a fearless LVTC leader.


We are in the last portion of the 2019 triathlon season –
This is an exciting time because many of you are shooting to reach those final goals.
I do hope you had that ‘perfect’ race this year (or will have if you still have some races coming up). It is such a great feeling when we toe the start line and have that perfect race … that race that everything just comes together. The swim seems easy, the bike feels like a tail wind the whole way, and the run seems downhill. What a great feeling when that happens!

But … that’s not how all races go.
Your goggles fog up, you get a flat, or you lose a shoe in transition … any number of things can go wrong during a race. In long distance races, I always breathe a sigh of relief when I get off the bike with no mechanical problems! Sometimes, the problems we encounter can be solved – you clear your goggles and get back on track, you fix that flat, you find that shoe!

There are plenty of races I have had where success meant that I solved some problem … I overcame some challenge. That can often feel just as satisfying as having that perfect race.

But … there are times where the race just unfolds in a bad way … things just don’t come together … it’s a struggle to find that finish line. This is the reality of racing – there is always the risk of not finishing due to some physical limitation (e.g., fitness or injury) or mechanical / logistic issue. Or, maybe there was nothing specific that happened, but you just did not have a great race.

What is your perspective when this happens?

Can you still see how amazing it is that you put in many hours to prepare to get to the start line? Can you see the dedication it takes to prep for a race? Can you think back to where you were before you started training?

I often think back to when I started getting back into triathlon after a long time away from the sport. I was amazed to hear that people biked to Boulder City … that seemed so far away! But now, that’s just an easy ride … perspective.

I hope as you close out the 2019 season, you have great perspective of how amazing your accomplishments are.
Whether you reached the podium or just barely reached the finish line … you have accomplished so much.

Reflect positively on 2019 and start making plans for 2020!

~John Mercer

Coach's Corner!
Check out our LVTC member coaches for resources, education, and training opportunities for all abilities!
Featured this month: Nancy Jones.
Check out her bio and contact info HERE
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