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  • Move Minneapolis Expands Staff
  • Deluxe Corporation Relocates Downtown
  • Public Comment on E Line Corridor
  • Two New Options Across Downtown
  • Better, Faster Carpooling From North Metro
  • Car-Free MSP Webinar
Meet the New Move Team!
Move Minneapolis envisions a future in which transportation choices enable easy movement, enhance economic vitality, reduce carbon emissions, promote equity, reduce congestion, and contribute to a healthy and vibrant downtown Minneapolis. With these aspirations in mind, Move Minneapolis hired two passionate outreach specialists in September. Catherine Windyk and Karl Hedlund are multimodal transportation enthusiasts with backgrounds in promoting sustainable transportation options to diverse audiences. They are excited take that passion to Minneapolis. Welcome Catherine and Karl!
Karl has an inherent love for transportation autonomy and the joy it brings to life. In pursuit of this love, Karl has dedicated his career towards eliminating active transportation barriers to entry. His background includes leading Bikeable Community Workshops for BikeMN, additionally helping hundreds of adults learn to bike for the first time with Cycles for Change. When not on his bike, you will find Karl harvesting local produce or hunting for budget travel opportunities. Wherever he travels, the checklist is bookended by biking to find the best coffee and cocktail in town.

Catherine Windyk joins Move Minneapolis after 12 years at the University of Minnesota. Her passion for sustainable transportation was born with her first bicycle commute in 2010. She has used transit, bicycling, and walking as primary modes of transportation year-round for two decades. She has volunteered for Our Streets and has been active in community bike/pedestrian projects all over Minneapolis. Catherine’s favorite place in the world (besides Minneapolis, of course) is Japan, and when not working, you’ll find her exploring nature, cooking/eating/reading about food, read, or volunteering.
Deluxe Corporation Moves Downtown
The expanded Move Minneapolis team recently partnered with Deluxe Corporation, welcoming their staff to downtown. Deluxe has begun transitioning to a new office after relocating from Shoreview. During a two-day open house event for Deluxe employees, Move Minneapolis was on hand to customized commute recommendations for employees (and one bear) who are new to working downtown. Located on Marquette Avenue, Deluxe is ideally situated for utilizing multiple commuting options including express buses, carpooling, an on-site bike room, and protected bikeways leading into downtown. Move Minneapolis will continue to work with Deluxe Corporation and their employees to make their downtown commuting fun, efficient, and easy!
Provide Your Input On E-Line
by Oct 31st
Metro Transit is seeking your input on the E-Line Draft Corridor Plan. The METRO E Line is a planned bus rapid transit (BRT) line that will provide faster and more reliable transit service in the Route 6 corridor along University Avenue/4th Street, Hennepin Avenue, and France Avenue from the University of Minnesota to Southdale. Before the pandemic, customers took more than 8,000 daily rides on Route 6, making it one of Metro Transit's busiest bus routes. The goal of the E Line is to make service approximately 20% faster than current travel time by stopping less often, allowing customers to board faster, and stopping at fewer red lights.
Learn more about the project and proposed stations:
Share your input by providing comments on the Draft Corridor Plan (below). The public comment period will remain open through October 31, 2021.
New Options Across Downtown
There are two exciting new routes running parallel across downtown. One is a dark gray bikeway that runs at sidewalk level along South 4th Street . The other is a freshly painted, bright red bus lane on South 7th Street from Chicago Avenue to First Avenue. When completed, both designated lanes will speed commuters across downtown safely and free of traffic congestion.
Bicyclists will soon be able to ride through the heart of downtown on a raised bikeway. Located on South 4th Street, just past Commons Park, the new bikeway runs from 4th Ave South up to 2nd Ave North in the Warehouse District. Riding at sidewalk level, the dedicated bikeway is separated from vehicle traffic while providing sidewalk space for pedestrians. The construction is finishing up south of Hennepin Ave, and the stretch up to 2nd Ave N will be completed in the spring. 

Three blocks to the south is another dedicated lane running up South 7th Street – this one is painted bright red and punctuated with “Bus-Only” in large white block letters . About 400 buses, including the popular # 5 and METRO C Line BRT, use 7th Street to cross downtown. The dedicated lane improves on-time scheduling by avoiding traffic gridlock that used to slow buses to a crawl.

Both projects will help Minneapolis move toward its climate goal of having 60% of trips taken by walking, biking or transit.
Carpooling Is Now Faster in the Northeast Metro
Free use of E-ZPass lanes is a big advantage that carpoolers and transit riders have for an easier, faster, and more environmentally friendly commute into downtown.

MnPASS lanes are now E-ZPass lanes as Minnesota joins the largest group of interoperable tolling systems in the country and is found in 19 states. Eight new miles of E-ZPass lanes were added this summer from Blaine to Roseville, expanding the Twin Cities network of toll lanes to four.

During rush hour, E-ZPass lanes are free for buses, motorcycles, and carpools - vehicles with two or more people. Solo drivers pay a toll to use the E-ZPass lane during rush hour that is charged automatically to their account. The addition of the new E-ZPass lane provides carpoolers with free use of a faster route from the northern suburbs on I-35W when commuting to downtown Minneapolis. 

Watch the Car-Free MSP WEBINAR:
"(When You) Return To Downtown"

During the past 19 months the pandemic closed most downtown offices, employees teleworked from home. As much as COVID has had a devastating impact on us all, workers returning to the office will find some welcome improvements to their commutes. This webinar highlights the new programs and infrastructure that didn’t exist pre-pandemic. Improvements to make the “return to downtown” easier, faster, and more climate friendly. View this lively discussion about new transportation options employers and employees will want to know about.
Move Minneapolis is a 501c4 nonprofit that promotes sustainable transportation.

Support is provided by a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant in partnership with the United States Department of Transportation, the Metropolitan Council, the City of Minneapolis, MnDOT, Hennepin County, and the downtown community.