August 19, 2023

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Hello Nancy,

I hope you are well and enjoying the last of the summer.

We have some really nice positions.

Please share with any other providers who might be interested. We are happy to pay a referral bonus out if they get hired.

If you are looking for assistance with recruitment or staffing, please let us know. We'd be happy to talk to you about how we may be able to assist you in your search.

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Current employment opportunities:


Job # 23-42

Position: RN: flu vaccination and per diem coverage

Location: Boston area

Type: Occupational health clinics

Status: 24-40 hours a week (M-F)

Salary : Competitive – depends on placement. Paid parking


Job # 23-55 

Position: RN: Occupational Health Nurse, urgent care, school nursing, emergency room 

Location: Cambridge, MA

Type: Biotech 

Status: 32-40 hours a week

Work with a great team – NP & RN

Job # 23-51

Position: RN: Occupational Health Nurse, urgent care, school nursing, emergency room 

Location: Devens, MA

Type: Pharmaceutical

Status: Three days a week – flexible M-F

Salary: $48-50 per hour

Job # 23-41

Position: NP: Occupational Health Nurse, urgent care, school nursing, emergency room 

Location: Spencer, MA

Type: Pharmaceutical

Status: 4 days a week – M/T/Th/F

Salary: $90 per hour

Temporary position with potential for a direct hire.

Job # 23-31

Position: RN

Location: Danvers, MA

Type: Occupational Health Clinic

Status: Monday – Friday second shift 

               Would consider a job share

Job # 23-53

Position: NP

Location: Providence, RI

Type: Utility Company

Status: three days per week

               Flexible day M-F

               Work with a medical assistant

Salary: $65-72 per hour with a nice benefit package    


Job # 23-56

Position: RN: Occupational Health Nurse, urgent care, school nursing, emergency room

Location: Providence, RI

Type: Occupational Health Clinic

Status: 24-40 hours per week until the end of the year and per diem

Salary: $48-50 per hour. 

Job # 23-39

Position: RN

Location: Stamford or Shelton, CT

Type: Occupational Health Clinic

               Work with an excellent NP

Status: 8-24 hours a week and per diem

               Competitive salary


For more info on the positions go to:

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NIOSH Launches Free Safety Training for Healthcare Settings

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is now offering the training course Safety Culture in Healthcare Settings by Rogers B, Francis R, Dembski-Hart P, Hessels A, Hilton T, Casey M, and Martin M (DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2023-135,

This healthcare worker training course provides scientific and evidence-based information. It focuses on six core competencies designed to increase knowledge about work-related hazards and to address organizational and personal strategies to promote a safe and healthful work environment.

There are five knowledge modules, each 20-30 minutes long, along with a list of resources that healthcare workers can utilize. Upon successful completion of all five modules in the course, participants will receive a certificate and continuing education credits.



Sept 6-8 AOHP in Savannah, GA


Sept 19: Ohio AOHN conference – Peace Management

North Canton, OH The Northeast Ohio Association of Occupational Health Nurses | Nursing Network

Sept 21-22: Michigan Occ Health Conference

Troy, MI


Sept 22: New Jersey State AOHN conference

Sept 25 - 26: Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

Bend, OR


Sept 28: Susquehanna Valley, PA Occ Health Nurses Conference

Wilkes-Barre, PA


Oct 4: AAOHN Virtual Symposium

Oct 11: Delaware AOHN Meeting 

Newark, DE The Delaware Association of Occupational Health Nurses | Nursing Network

Oct 25-27: Occupational Health for Health Workers Scientific Committee conference  



Oct 26-27: Ohio AOHN Conference: Prevent Injuries/Promote Health/Prepare the Workforce of the Future

Akron, OH


Nov 2-3: South Carolina AAOHN conference

Wrightsville Beach, NC


Nov 10: Indiana AOHN Annual Fall Conference 

Indianapolis, IN


Nov 30-Dec 1: NEAOHN/MaAOHN annual conference


Jan 24-26, 2024: COHN review course

Chapel Hill, NC


March 25-26, 2024: Workers comp workshop

Waltham, MA





AAOHN now offers a COHN/COHN-S Certification Review course




Preventing Electrical Accidents on Job Sites - Occupational Health & Safety -



Immunize​.org's resources on vaccination-related fainting and anxiety, designed for healthcare personnel and the public.

If you administer vaccinations, you can improve a recipient’s confidence in vaccines by acknowledging and addressing their anxiety. Anxiety about injections is common at all ages and contributes to vaccine hesitancy in those affected. Among some adolescents and adults, anxiety can trigger dizziness or fainting, risking fall-related injuries. Both the vaccinator and the vaccine recipient can take simple and effective steps to improve the recipient’s vaccination experience.


Thanks to support from CDC as part of its work to increase vaccine confidence, Immunize​.org now offers clinical tools for healthcare professionals and corresponding patient handouts on vaccination-related fainting and anxiety:

These 1-page resources highlight major points and include key references. The resources for healthcare personnel are ideal for teaching huddles and short in-service trainings. They may also serve as the basis for quality-improvement efforts.




AAOHN now offers a COHN/COHN-S Certification Review course

Nicole Cirino

Director of Operations

Occupational Health Connections, Inc.

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