A new study suggests that mind wandering, which often occurs on "boring" routes, may expose drivers to many of the same risks as texting on the go.   Pay attention! Keep your eyes on this.
Whether you want to build healthier habits or lay the foundation for your future nest egg, psychological science can help you keep on track in the new year. Seize the day or at least the deets.
Between studying, turning in assignments, and getting enough sleep to stay awake in class, academic achievement is about more than just smarts. In fact, research suggests that student success may require as much self-control as intelligence. Get a grip... and read on.
Sifting through a semester's worth of notes at the start of a study session can be almost as difficult as taking an exam itself, but not if you spend less time reviewing materials you've already mastered. Learn what you don't know.
Learning to tickle the ivories  may make for a well-rounded student, but a roundup of the research suggests there's little evidence that playing a musical instrument will help you master mathematics. Tune in to the findings here.
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