As our Oakland passengers who drive to the terminal know, the dockside parking validation machines can be finnicky. To avoid annoying queues for parking validation, we have added validation machines on most of our ferries.

Passengers on the Oakland & Alameda route can now validate their parking slips at the concessions bar on the ferry. Validated parking at the Washington Street Garage in Jack London Square is free for up to 12 hours. The validation machines on the dock in Oakland will remain available, as well, though we encourage passengers to use the onboard validators during their ferry ride to save time.

Bikes are allowed on all San Francisco Bay Ferry vessels at no additional charge. The Oakland Ferry Terminal is also served by multiple AC Transit bus routes and is a short walk from Amtrak’s Oakland station, which includes service on the Amtrak San Joaquin and Capital Corridor. Learn more on our Oakland Ferry Terminal page.

We have questions about how your ferry experience could be even better.
Our customer experience survey closes on Friday, April 14. The brief survey includes questions on:

  • How you want to receive rider alerts
  • Concessions
  • Our new ticketing system

The survey takes just a couple of minutes, and three respondents will win a ferry prize pack. Take the survey for your chance to win!

The ferry is once again the best way to get to San Francisco Giants home games for the 2023 season.

San Francisco Bay Ferry will provide reservation-based direct roundtrip service before and after evening games from Oakland and Main Street Alameda. Additionally, direct service from Oracle Park to Vallejo will be available by reservation after every evening Giants home game. Vallejo passengers are encouraged to take regularly scheduled ferries to the Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal, a 20-minute walk or short Muni Metro ride away from the ballpark.

There is no direct transbay service for Oracle Park for day games. Fans can take regularly scheduled ferry trips to Downtown San Francisco and make the 20-minute walk, 10-minute bike ride or short Muni Metro ride. For weekend day games fans can ride a regularly scheduled ferry to Downtown S.F. and transfer to the free Ballpark Short Hop for a short ferry ride over to Oracle Park.

Direct ballpark tickets for games through June 30 are currently on sale through the San Francisco Bay Ferry app and on our website. Tickets for the rest of the season will go on sale in mid-May.

The Golden State Warriors are back in the NBA playoffs to defend their championship. And San Francisco Bay Ferry will have you covered for home games later in April.

Sign up for our Chase Center Ferry email list to find out when playoff ferry tickets have been released. Reservations are strongly recommended for all Chase Center service.

You have until the end of April to provide your feedback on our proposal to lock in lower San Francisco Bay Ferry fares with small annual increases.

In 2021, San Francisco Bay Ferry temporarily slashed its fares 30% across the system as a part of its Pandemic Recovery Program (PRP) to rebuild ridership and enhance access to the system. In the 20 months since the fare cuts, San Francisco Bay Ferry’s ridership recovery has outpaced comparable regional transit operators despite high office vacancy in Downtown San Francisco. A recent onboard survey found that 42% of current San Francisco Bay Ferry passengers did not ride the service before the pandemic.

In March, the agency released a new proposed fare program to take effect on July 1, 2023. The program locks in the fare cuts established in the PRP for the next five years and establishes small 3% annual increases on fares for regular service. These annual increases are based on historical inflation data and intended to keep pace with comparable transit operators. The proposal also includes one-time 10-15% increases for special event service for Chase Center and Oracle Park followed by annual 3% increases.


Welcome back to Dock-tionary, where we help ferry fans learn how to speak boat. This month, we’re explaining the difference between the two different types of engine propulsion we employ on our vessels systemwide.

When it comes to marine vessels, there are two main types of engine propulsion - propellers and water jet engines. Jet boats use an engine to create a jet of water and force it out of nozzles at the rear of the vessel. Propeller vessels utilize engine power which control a propeller that is used to thrust the boat forward and backward. Most vessels with propeller propulsion perform better, make cleaner wakes, and provide higher fuel efficiency than boats that employ jet engines.

There are pros and cons to employing each type of engine. Propeller propulsion has become the more popular option in the marine industry and especially for bigger vessel types including some vessels in our ferry fleet. When it comes to jet propulsion engines (or jet boats), vessels with this type of propulsion can travel faster through water, operate in extremely shallow conditions, and can accelerate at a faster rate. Ferry vessels that operate primarily on the Vallejo route employ jet engines due to the longer route length enabling the trip to be done in an hour.

On the downside, propellers are susceptible to warping and bending due to debris, or entanglement with fishing lines. Water jets can be clogged by debris in the Bay. For both types of ferries, this is especially an issue this time of year when storms push fallen trees and large branches down into the Napa River and Oakland Estuary.

Right now, San Francisco Bay Ferry employs 10 propeller boats and six jet boats. See if you can figure out which one you’re on the next time you ride.

Why is SF Bay Ferry the best way to cross the bay?
No stress. Great people. Beautiful views. You can even get work done instead of staring at the bumper in front of you.

What is your favorite ferry memory?
First morning ferry from the newly opened Richmond terminal. It was dark and foggy. Once on board I was greeted with news cameras, most of the city council, and mayor. I even got my pic on the local news.

How would you describe the atmosphere on the ferry?
Maybe it's just me, but appreciative. It's absolutely impossible to ride a boat to work and be grumpy when you get there.

What is your favorite ferry amenity?
Sitting outside on nice sunny days.

Describe San Francisco Bay Ferry in one word.