July 2017

OZET Lottery Poster Collection For Sale

(Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidzhan)

The Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidzhan was conceptualized in the mid-1920s as a homeland for the USSR's Jewish population in a desolate part of the Soviet Far East bordering China 

Общество землеустройства еврейских трудящихся (OZET), the Association for the Agricultural Settlement of Jewish Workers, was formed to carry out this resettlement of Russian Jews to Birobidzhan. 

OZET held lotteries between 1928 to 1933 to finance the development of that region. Primarily designed by Mikhail Dlugach (the noted designer of 1920s Russian film posters), a series of posters advertising these lotteries was created. They are arguably Dlugach's best work.

As reflected in these posters, Yiddish was the official language of Birobidzhan.

Offered here are 5 OZET lottery posters and one Birobidzhan proclamation poster as well as the tickets for each of the lotteries. 

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