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May 2024

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A Message From

Our President

Welcome to World Trade Month.

Month of May, which is not only a month with blooming flowers and feeling the warmth of summer arriving.

An important month for our Organization of Women in International Trade.

Dear followers, members and partners,

May signifies the importance of global Trade, which connects us all around the world, with its diversity, with its colourful tapestry of goods, services, cultures, tastes and we go and on.

This month, we honor the resilience, innovation and collaboration that drives global trade and the women who are actively contributing to the economical growth of their business, their community and their families.

It’s the time to reflect, what we have achieved so far, complimenting ourselves, being proud on the progress we made, you made uniquely.

The progress we made for a more equitable, more inclusive trade environment, especially for women and underrepresented groups.

As the president of Organization Women International Trade, I am proud to say that our community, our OWIT family plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of global trade.

Our commitment to empowering women in trade, advocating for gender balance, and fostering diversity and inclusion is more critical than ever,

For more opportunities, for more women entrepreneurs, acting as a force for good.

Warm regards,

Hulya Kurt

President, Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT)

OWIT IV Spotlight

Yla Caduco

Yla, is a passionate and dedicated recent graduate with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies. Her goal at OWIT International is to kickstart her career and make a positive contribution to the organization, while learning new skills to enhance her business and trade skill set. She is highly motivated individual with a keen eye for details and organization and having a strong ability to problem solve. No matter where Yla goes, she will be an asset to your team and bring positivity into the workplace culture.

Kristina Simonelis

Kristina is an undergraduate student finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Trinity Christian College. Recently, she became interested in studying art and design after gaining experience in hosting events, connecting with small businesses and organizations, and serving her community. She has a passion for creating spaces where people can meet and build new connections. Kristina is excited to continue her journey with OWIT and contribute her creativity and skills to support the program and its mission. 

Adriana Peña La Riva

Adriana, a resilient professional originally from Venezuela, has found a new home in France since 2019. Armed with an MBA specializing in Digital Marketing and Communication, alongside Business Diplomacy, she brings a wealth of skills to the table. With a diverse background spanning administrative assistance, entrepreneurship, and business development, Adriana has proven her adaptability and proficiency in project management and cross-functional collaboration. Fluent in Spanish, English, and French, she's poised to make impactful contributions wherever she goes.

Olawunmi Ologe

Olawunmi is a business management professional who is dedicated and passionate about making positive impacts in any given task. With a postgraduate certification in global business management, Olawunmi in the last decade, has developed skills in areas such as office management and customer experience. Her passion and dedication align perfectly with the objectives of OWIT and she is indeed enthusiastic about the opportunity to support the program.

Upcoming Events

Meet the President

May 29 | Virtual

Learn More

Partner Event

ITC She Trades Online Training Program

June 20 | Virtual | Monthly

Learn More

Partner Event

African Business Women Youth Summit Expo & Award - 3rd Edition

May 24 - 27 | Tanzania

Learn More

OWIT Lake Geneva

OWIT Lake Geneva Gala Dinner 2024

June 20 | Geneva, Switzerland

Learn More

NYC World Trade Week: Trade Impact Foundation Event

May 23 | Irvine, California

Learn More

OWIT Orange County

Cultivating Female Leadership

June 12 | Virtual

Learn More

DEFY Supplier Diversity Conference

June 12 - 14 | Montreal, Quebec

Learn More
Learn More

CanWIN Global Summit

June 21 | Toronto, Canada

OWIT Past Events

OWIT Ottawa

Pamela Almeda-Sumayao one of our mentees in this year’s OWIT Mentorship program, spoke about her experience as an international business student at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology at the orientation for the new spring semester today.

She was joined by two of our Board Members Praveeni Perera, MBA, CITP, PMP

and Clarecia Christie CITP who are both Professors at the Algonquin College

School of Business

OWIT Lake Geneva

During the OWIT Lake Geneva April afterwork, we had the privilege to learn about the intricacies of brand photograph and brand image firsthand from Amber Roberts Images Switzerland Headshot and Brand Photographer.

A group of 15 participants debated the ins and outs of professional portraits, from color coordination to the message that we want to convey, and the impact of a good business portrait.

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