New directive for the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards from  OSHA

General Industry: beginning on June 23, 2018, general industry and maritime employers must have offered medical surveillance to employees who will be exposed above the Respirable Crystalline Silica exposure limit for 30 or more days a year. On June 23, 2020, this requirement expanded to include employees who would be exposed at or above the 25 µg/m³ action level (AL) for 30 or more days a year.

Construction Industry: all provisions of the compliance must be in compliance by June 23, 2018.

Our experienced industrial hygienists can develop and implement engineering controls and work practices; provide training and conduct air measurement sampling and silica dust surveys to protect your employees and increase workplace health and safety. 

Outdoor workers (i.e., construction, landscapers) and workers in high temperature or humidity environments (i.e., factory, bakery workers) are at a higher risk of heat stress and other heat related illnesses.

The WBGT meter is the most accurate instrument for monitoring the temperature for heat stress factors including humidity, air movement (i.e., wind), radiant heat, and temperature. After the WBGT is measured, clothing adjustment factor added, and workload translated into metabolic rate; use the ACGIH TLV & Action Limit table to determine the risk for exposure to heat stress above the AL for un-acclimatized personnel or the TLV for acclimatized personnel.
Every company under the jurisdiction of OSHA should maintain an Occupational Safety and Health program. The framework is intended to provide companies with a method of addressing safety and health issues at their workplaces. PHASE Associates owns a  WBGT meter and can assist in formal heat stress evaluations. Additionally, we can develop, review, or modify  written safety programs. For more information contact  Gary Schwartz, CIH, CSP Ken Bickerton, CIH, CSP  or  Adam Schwarzenberg, CIH, CSP.
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