OSHA Outreach Trainer News
January 2021
Outreach Trainer Success Stories
with Addie Hosier
Meet Dominic Housiaux
Addie Hosier, Outreach Training Program Liaison for the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District, has been conducting a series of interviews with some of our Outreach Training safety superstars. Today she interviews OSHA Outreach Trainer Dominic Housiaux.
Dominic Housiaux is an OSHA Outreach Trainer who focuses on the empowerment of individuals within organizations and how individual participation, the prevailing environment, their mental health and a sense of agency can impact strategic, safety and operational goals. He can often be found leading workshops that aim to put people and their well-being at the center of any organizational philosophy.
Happy New Year! We Made It!
Despite the very unusual year we've all gone through, one thing remained constant - the tremendous quantity and quality of Outreach Training. Nearly 400 trainers delivered safety training to almost 15,000 students in the last year. That means each trainer taught 10- and 30-Hour classes in construction, general industry, maritime, ETD and disaster site worker to an average of 37 students (some taught one class, and some taught almost 70 classes).
We are so proud of all of you for getting the work done despite tremendous odds. Congratulations and well done!
OSHA Numbered Classes Offered via Zoom
The OSHA Training Institute Education Center began piloting OSHA numbered classes, such as OSHA #510 and #500 classes, on Zoom in April, 2020. Our pilot classes were approved by OSHA, and we have been able to offer most of our catalog of classes via Zoom. Many of you have benefited from being able to take your renewal classes online. This live online delivery of classes is also happening at other OTI Education Centers. We are also offering in-person OSHA classes following physical distancing and other strict safety guidelines when stay at home orders have been lifted.

Our staff has been working from home except for a 4-6 hour spot by each staff person once a week, working in the OSHA office one at a time. Thanks to all of you for your patience and support as we have managed to provide you with the customer service you have come to expect. 
Teaching 10-Hour and 30-Hour Classes Virtually
The new acronym for live, online training is Virtual Instructor Led Training, or VILT. While much online training in the past has been static with no live component, we are now offering online training that is virtual but also live. Many of us are getting up to speed on this, including me. I’ve taught a large number of classes via Zoom and would be happy to mentor anyone who might be starting out. 

OSHA requires that you ask for an exception to traditional in-person teaching if you want to teach a 10- or 30-Hour safety class online. The guidance document is HERE. You do not need to give us 60-days advance notice, but you do need to ask for an exception for each class you want to teach online. You can ask for more than one class in a single exception request, but each class must have specific dates - there can be no "blanket" approvals. 

Contact me at ahosier@clpccd.org or Suzanne at skohler@clpccd.org for help with this process. We have reviewed hundreds if not thousands (maybe millions by now!) of these requests, so we are very able to help you with this. 
Outreach Trainer Renewals
You are required to renew your OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer status every 4 years. To do so requires successfully passing the renewal class for your industry, such as OSHA #502 for Construction or OSHA #503 for General Industry. OSHA is allowing trainers to continue to train even if their trainer status has expired DURING the period of Covid-19, which started about mid-March of 2020. Until a pre-Covid type class is available, you do NOT have to take a renewal class that is being offered online or in a limited way in-person because of public health restrictions. 

We currently do NOT have any classes that we would consider meeting the pre-Covid level. As soon as we do, however, you will only have 90 days from the date of that first class to renew your card if it has expired. 

MANY trainers are renewing by taking the high-quality virtual renewal classes currently available and the in-person classes where it is safe to do so. DO NOT wait until the last minute.  

Please contact me at ahosier@clpccd.org or Suzanne at skohler@clpccd.org if you have any questions about this. 
Outreach Trainer Update Courses
This refresher course for those who have completed the OSHA #500-Construction Industry Outreach Trainer course and who are authorized construction trainers in the OSHA Outreach Training Program provides updates on OSHA Construction standards, policies and regulations. REGISTER HERE

  • February 10-12, 2021 | Sacramento, California | In-person
  • March 3-5, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
This refresher course for those who've completed OSHA #501- General Industry Outreach Trainer Course and who are authorized trainers in the OSHA Outreach Training Program provides an update on OSHA General Industry standards and policies. REGISTER HERE 

  • February 26-28, 2021 | VILT via Zoom
Go-To Songs to Lift our Spirits from our OSHA #7500 Students

We asked #7500 students to come up with a song or two that are their "go-to" songs to cheer themselves up during these challenging times. Here’s the playlist: 
I Lived, One Republic
Heroes, David Bowie
Like it or Not, The Architects of Helsinki
Pressure Drop and The Israelites
3 Little Birds, Bob Marley
Sun and Shine, Hirie
Oh, Happy Days
Oh Yeah, OutKast
Good to be Alive, Andy Grammer
Here Comes the Sun, George Harrison
OSHA Outreach Training Program

The OSHA Outreach Training Program was established to train workers in the basics of safety and health hazard recognition and prevention. OSHA authorizes trainers who complete the 4-day construction or general industry train-the-trainer courses to conduct 10-hour and 30-hour construction or general industry safety and health hazard recognition and prevention courses.

OSHA Outreach Trainer Portal

Outreach Training Card requests are now processed through an online database system. Outreach Training Cards have better fraud protection and include a QR code to allow employers and workers to verify the authenticity of the card. All trainers must register in the Outreach Trainer Portal in order to submit OSHA Outreach Training Reports.

OSHA Training Materials
We have some wonderful training materials that are great tools for Outreach Trainers to use to enhance their courses.

For more information or to order materials, contact us at otc@clpccd.org or by phone at (866) 936-OSHA (6742) (phone inquiries will be answered within 24 hours).
The OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District offers high quality OSHA standards-based training for construction, maritime and general industries at our San Francisco Bay Area (Dublin) location as well as other locations in Northern, Central and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Guam and American Samoa.

Many of our OSHA classes are now being offered live, online via Zoom. We are also offering in-person OSHA classes following physical distancing and other strict safety guidelines when stay at home orders are lifted. In-person class sizes are reduced, so early registration is strongly advisedVisit our website for an updated class schedule.
Our offices are currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we are available to respond to inquiries by email at otc@clpccd.org or phone at (866) 936-OSHA (6742)(phone inquiries will be answered within 24 hours).