Skin Sensitization

A recent article in AIHA's November 2019 Synergist highlighted the topic of skin sensitization. Skin sensitizers are a common hazard encountered in many industries including pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, and food and beverage. Common sensitizers include formaldehyde and various fragrances. Reactions differ amongst exposed individuals due to intensity and duration of exposure, as well as chemical properties and individual sensitivities. Oftentimes, sensitizers do not elicit a reaction upon first exposure. Because of this variability and lack of data, only qualitative assessments can be performed as there is currently no method to quantify workplace exposure to skin sensitization. PHASE Associates has extensive experience in exposure assessment services including recent evaluations of sensitizers during sterilization and foam filling processes. 

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National Emphasis Program

OSHA published an update to the 2015 National Emphasis Program (NEP) on employee injuries in manufacturing industries. The NEP targets industrial and manufacturing workplaces where amputations are caused by  improperly guarded machinery and equipment. The changes to the NEP include revisions to target method and coding requirements, and new appendices for reporting amputation data from inspections. The program will run until March 10, 2020. OSHA reminds employers that under OSHA Act of 1970 employers are responsible for providing their employees a workplace free of injuries or illnesses.

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Personnel Announcement
PHASE Associates is very proud to announce that two of our staff members, Samuel Cherfas and Alana Jimenez, have earned the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) certification. By earning the ASP, Samuel and Alana have strongly demonstrated their safety and Industrial Hygiene competency, knowledge and experience.

PHASE Associates is very proud of these two rising safety and health professionals and we look forward in their future pursuit of additional accredited and certified credentials.


Community Right to Know - Due March 1, 2020

The information collected from the Community Right to Know (CRTK) Survey used by the public (employees), emergency planners, and first responders to determine the chemical hazards in their workplace or the community.

Many companies believe they are exempt from reporting requirements and have not submitted a CRTK survey or an exemption form. Compliance is required if any hazardous substance meet or exceed the appropriate reporting threshold. Mixtures such as paint or aerosol spray cans, need to be reported depending on their contents. 
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