Telephone Scam Threatens Disconnection to Lure You to Pay

April 19, 2024

Recently, the Office of the People's Counsel has received reports of utility scams targeting seniors, low and moderate income consumers and limited English-speaking District consumers. Based on information from consumers, the scammers are calling Pepco customers, explaining they have done meter work and explaining the customer will now be disconnected in 15 minutes if they don't pay their adjusted bill.


The scammers may also ask for your account or social security numbers.


Most often they will tell you that your service will be shut off unless you make an immediate payment to them.


OPC warns consumers to remain ALERT:

Unless there is a public safety emergency, or after multiple disconnection notices have been mailed to you, utility representatives rarely come to your home or make rate offers by telephone.


NEVER give anyone, especially telephone solicitors any personal or account information such as your social security number, utility account number or credit card number.


NEVER agree to make a payment using a “green dot” or fast payment card at a convenience store.


BEFORE making any decision regarding your utility service, check with your energy supplier for your current account balance to ensure that your service is not going to be disconnected.


DO NOT be pressured to choose a “limited time” offer to sign up for any services. Ask for any offer made by phone to be provided to you in writing, so that you can review it carefully.

OPC has contacted Pepco to inform them of this latest attempt to steal from consumers.


If you suspect you have been contacted by a scammer or that your personal information may have been shared, contact OPC immediately at (202) 727-3071 to talk with a Consumer Outreach Specialist who can investigate your complaint.


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