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We kicked off our Love, Healing, and Family fundraising campaign November 1st to take another big step toward reaching our overall financial goal of $600,000 to open J’s House. The campaign runs through December 31st with a goal of $150,000. Thanks to our amazing community and supporters, we’ve already surpassed that goal...$205,000 and counting, wow! Saying “thank you” doesn’t seem sufficient, but we are truly thankful for every dollar donated.

These contributions bring our grand total to over $300,000 raised - halfway to our goal of $600,000 to make the J’s House vision a reality for boys in Texas foster care. Let’s keep the momentum going and bring LOVE, HEALING AND FAMILY to the boys at J’s House.

We are still working the two promising home options I mentioned in the August newsletter. We look to finalize the decision as we get closer to our overall fundraising goal to minimize costs of a vacant home. We trust the Lord’s timing and remain in prayer. 



Waiting to open doesn’t mean sitting idle. The J’s House team has remained active in listening, learning, and preparing for J’s House to be an integral part of transforming our foster care system. Here are a few highlights.

In October, Nanette Lynch and I attended the annual Texas Child Care Administrators Conference to learn and collaborate with our peers on how to tackle the challenges children in foster care face. 

Members of our team were blessed to meet with Vince Duran, CEO of Boys and Girls Country of Houston, while visiting their beautiful campus. With 52 years of experience providing residential care, their trauma-informed services and program model are excellent examples for us to learn from.

And we met with pediatric therapy experts Kathy Gray and Sandra Dickinson, with Integrated Pathways Group, and Barry Bruder, co-founder of IASIS, to discuss advanced therapeutic treatment methods aimed at providing long-term healing to our boys.


KPRC2 recently gave us the opportunity to share the vision and mission of J’s House in our first live news interview. WATCH NOW

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Le’Otis Boswell-Johnson has joined the J’s House Board. What a gift it is to have Le ‘Otis and his experience as an attorney representing children in foster care with the Foster Care Advocacy Center. 

We are also honored to have Pro Football Hall of Fame legends Joe Greene and Kenny Houston as our first two J’s House ambassadors. Joe and Kenny believe that despite the seemingly insurmountable obstacles our boys face, every child deserves to have the love and support of a family. 

J's House is so grateful these men have chosen to use their voices, time, talents, and resources to advocate for these children. 

You can learn more about each one on our website.

There’s a place in the J’s House family for you as well! If you’ve been wondering how you can help, we have several opportunities. Whether it’s maintaining our website or volunteering at an event, you can make a difference. We’re also continuing to look for passionate individuals who have expertise in local business, government, or lived foster care experience to join our board. Email me at marla@jshouse.org for more details.


God, thank you for walking with us on this journey. Thank you for the incredible people you’ve brought into our lives. We pray for our J’s House team, their families, and the children in foster care. Amen.

Please reach out if you would like to talk more about what’s happening at J’s House and how to get involved.

We’re grateful to have you On the Journey With J’s House! 

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Until next time, Godspeed.

Marla Wortman

Executive Director



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