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What OK Messages Moms Want You To Know
The majority of incarcerated mothers never get to see their children. This is heart-breaking to the moms but far more so to the children whose lives are shattered and who are sent to live with relatives, often in another town. “Many don't realize how crucial it is to keep building bridges and connections with these children and their moms, to help mitigate the damage and trauma of the separation they are living through," explained OK Messages program assistant and volunteer coordinator, Ali Plum . OK Messages Project provides a way for a mom and her child to stay connected by reading a bedtime story together via video. The moms who participate in the OK Message Project are thrilled and thankful to have the chance to simply read a story and tell their child, "I love you." And the children cherish the special time they get to share with mom.
"life changing"-"stronger family"-"huge blessing"
”I love OK Messages! It's very comforting to know my daughter is able to hear and see me through these DVDs anytime she wants. We've developed a bond that never would have been
there without this program!
"I'm a 7th generation Chickasaw and it's harder to connect with my children since they're teenagers. But we've gotten closer and have become a stronger family because of the OK Messages Project."
“This program lets my son and family see the ‘new me’ and that I’m well. It’s brought my son and I closer; he even reads the book to me over the phone. It’s a huge blessing and has changed everything in his life and my life.”
When a child gets to hear their Mom say “I love you and miss you. I’m proud of you!” It helps traumatized kids see themselves in a more positive way.
"When I miss my mom, I watch the videos she sends and read with her. I was 2 years old when she left. I wasn't a good reader before, but now I raise my hand in school if the teacher wants someone to read."
“With the DVD and books you sent, it’s the first time in years the kids have seen their mom. They’re so happy to watch it and read with her. This is a great program for the children and fills a huge hole in their hearts!" -Grandma
"Seeing the DVD message and knowing my Mom is getting better made me not so worried about her. I like the books she sends. I know she loves me because she says so. She loves my sister too."
You can help us continue this program by sponsoring a child for $150 a year—which pays for two packages of DVDs of the parent reading, plus the books.
features OK Messages Project in short video
Lance West, Department of Corrections, went behind the scenes at OK Messages to learn about our mission and see how we adjusted during the COVID-19 shut down. This 3 minute video is well worth your time!
We are still accepting book donations for the Father's Day mail out. Check out our Amazon Wish List for the Stories & Smiles Campaign
Did you know...
Cheri Fuller, OK Messages Executive Director, left a successful career as a speaker and writer of 49 books, many published in other languages, to found the OK Messages Project? It was her heart for the children of incarcerated moms that ignited the spark that became OMP. With her compassion and insight, it's not surprising that four of her books were specifically written for mothers with one of them co-written with daughter,
 Ali who serves as the Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator for Messages.

Fuller's books are available through Amazon and most book sellers including Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City. Click on a book to read more...
Cheri Fuller and Ali Plum
As a mom, you can't always be there as your children stroll the hallways as school, head for the college campus...
When your daughter was born, you had a thousand hopes and dreams for her. . .including that one day you'd be best friends.
Happy Mother's Day!
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