July, 2023
Unlocking Efficiency: Five Ways Monitoring Average Retrieval & Coded Chart Rates Boosts Your Chart Review Program. The metrics related to average number of retrieved charts and coded charts are crucial for effective project planning and successful completion of a retrospective chart review program. 

Medicare Advantage Initial or Service Area Expansion Application: Finalize CY 2024 & Prepare for CY 2025. CMS requires applicants to demonstrate a sufficient network of contracted providers before approving applications. For CY 2024, CMS adopted regulations explicitly stating that applications may be denied if network adequacy criteria are not met. 

CMS 2022 Part C & Part D Program Audit & Enforcement Report, issued July 18, 2023 by Medicare Parts C & D Oversight & Enforcement Group. CMS conducted only 26 program audits in 2022.
Join ATTAC for an insightful webinar as we delve into ongoing scrutiny by the OIG and its impact on health plans. Our expert panel will discuss:

  • Implications of OIG Risk Adjustment audits for health plans
  • Strategies to identify potential audit threats, understand consequences and develop effective solutions to mitigate risk
  • Key factors for robust Risk Adjustment programs that elevate member quality of care and improve outcomes
  • Insights from OIG audits issued to date
Medicaid expansion is putting pressure on states, providers and plans to drive down costs. How can you meet new requirements and secure your spot in the market? 

In this webinar, ATTAC Consulting Group will share expert insights and real-world examples related to: 

  • What does the future of Medicaid reimbursement look like?
  • What’s the impact of proposed regulations (even if they’re not fully adopted)?
  • What impact will proposed reimbursement requirements and current VBP mandates have on Medicaid bids?
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