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COVID-19 Guidance to Properties with Ohio 811 PRA Funding
To OHFA Ownership and Management Partners:

State agency partners for the Ohio 811 Program and the Ohio Department of Medicaid Subsidy Demonstration (ODMSD) are issuing the following guidance to property owners and management agents due to the evolving public health situation with COVID-19:

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) will continue to make referrals to both newly constructed and vacant program units where there is an executed commitment letter for one of the above-named programs. Those referrals will be made from the Ohio 811 and ODMSD program waitlists in accordance with our existing policies. OHFA will also offer flexibility on the time frame for a potential resident to express interest in a property after a referral letter is issued.

Property managers should continue to report vacant and available units that are committed under the Ohio 811 and ODMSD programs. We understand there may be limited public access to your properties at this time, so with this in mind, we encourage the use of remote capabilities to screen applicants, such as distributing property applications to referral agents via email, the use of video conferencing and virtual tours, and allowing documents to be submitted electronically. We encourage flexibility in cases where an applicant may not be able to acquire documentation due to the Stay At Home Order currently in effect across the state.

We recognize that there may be some individuals on our waitlists who may not want to move under the present circumstances. We are working with Referral Agents across the state to evaluate individuals on our waitlists accordingly. If we are unable to identify a prospective tenant for an Ohio 811 or ODMSD program unit, we will provide guidance pursuant to our current program policies and emerging advice from HUD.

Above all, we want everyone to stay safe and healthy, and follow all guidance issued by federal, state and local officials during this public health situation. This guidance is subject to change as this situation unfolds. Any questions may be forwarded to 811Program@ohiohome.org. We appreciate your attention and cooperation at this time.