April 20, 2022
Update to Compliance Forms
Compliance Required Forms

OHFA has updated all required compliance forms and they are effective as of June 1, 2022. New move-ins or recertifications effective before June 1, 2022 may use either the old version of the required forms or the updated forms. However, if the old version of the required forms is used, then the updated forms must be used at the tenant’s next recertification date. Owners must begin using the updated version of the forms on June 1, 2022, for all new move-ins and recertifications. Use of an outdated version of a required form after June 1, 2022, will result in an audit finding. All updated forms are available on the compliance forms webpage, here.
Compliance Next Steps (CNS) Confirmation Form Update

The CNS Confirmation form has been updated. Owners are now required to provide information on optional and required project fees. Owners must use the updated form for CNS meetings that are scheduled on or after June 1, 2022. For more information about CNS meetings, please visit our website
E-Signature Policy and Renewals

OHFA offers the ability for partners to submit Eligible Program Documents with electronic signatures. In order to do so, owners must receive initial approval from OHFA and a recertification annually thereafter. Please review the E-Signature Policy and submit the Partner Certification for Use of Electronic Signatures (Appendix A of the policy) to the OHFA e-signature mailbox at mfesignature@ohiohome.org. OHFA will notify the owner of its approval by email.

Importantly, owners who have received approval are required to renew annually by submitting the Partner Recertification Form (Appendix B of the policy) to OHFA’s e-signature mailbox mfesignature@ohiohome.org no later than February 15th of each year. Owners who fail to renew and continue to use e-signatures will receive an audit finding and may be placed in Not In Good Partnership Status which will prohibit owners from obtaining any OHFA program funding for at least one calendar year.