Rough diamond crystal. Transmitted and reflected light. Image by Gary Roskin. Diamond provided by AMGAD.

Issue 29, August 10, 2023
Last Week's Newsletter's Top Three Features:
1.) Barbie: The Gems & the Jewelry

With the Barbie Movie raking it in at the box office, jewelers are focusing on pink gem-set jewels.

Barbie's ring-pop, created by Taffin's jewelers in Manhattan, is set with an amazing pink "Himalayan" tourmaline!

2.) Solid Laboratory-Grown
Single-Crystal Diamond Ring

GIA reports on examining a 4.04 ct. "single crystal solid faceted ring," a significant milestone in the world of carved diamond rings.

The ring was grown, cut, and polished by Dutch Diamond Technologies in collaboration with a Belgian jewelry store, Heursel.

3.) Gemological and Chemical Composition Characteristics of Basalt-Related Rubies from Chanthaburi-Trat, Thailand

The geographic origin determination of ruby is increasingly important in the gem trade and geological research. Unlike metamorphic-related ruby, the rarer basalt-related ruby has gained significant attention, especially from Thailand, a major producer of such gems.

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Our Feature Story
Indian Diamond Dealers Claim U.S. Harassment Over Russian Diamond Imports
Legal or not, is that your line in the sand?
Russian diamonds being cut in India are being purchased through bank accounts from company offices in Dubai.

The USA Office of Foreign Assets Control blocked payments to Russia totaling $26 million, claiming sanction violations. Indian cutters are not happy.

Sitting next to an Indian diamond manufacturer at the recent Harvard Jewelry Summit, this issue was privately discussed. According to the manufacturer, yes, they do purchase rough from Russia, as it is still legal to do so in India. But if they are selling their finished goods to a company that is headquartered in a country that has levied sanctions against Russia, they will be certain to sell them only goods gathered from other sources.

Am I supposed to be comfortable with that?
Would you consider your parcel ethically sourced?
Celebrities Wearing Jewels
Best Jewelry At The 2023 Tony Awards
Who Wore What Jewels Gives us the Run Down!
Move over Tony winners, because at the 2023 Tony Awards, it wasn’t just the performances that stole the show – the jewelry that left us speechless! From jaw-dropping diamonds that could outshine the brightest spotlights to earrings so big they needed their own standing ovation, let’s take a front-row seat to the sparkling spectacle and give credit where it’s due: the real stars of the night were those twinkling treasures, outshining even the brightest Broadway lights!

Here is Stephanie Hsu, wearing Mindi Mond, New York, freshwater pearl and diamond earrings.

Auctions, Charities, and Automobiles!
Brilliant Stars & Concours d’Elegance
Best of Show Trophy to Replicate Winning Car
Picture that you and your jewelry company have just been chosen to create the award for the top classic car in the most important classic car competition/show in the world!

For creating the Best of Show award for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance car show, the honor goes to: Brilliant Stars!

“Big things are happening,” exclaims Rodney Rahmani, President of Brilliant Stars, international gemstone merchants, designers of magnificent jewelry, and AGTA members, located in New York. “We have just been named one of the main sponsors of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance car show.”

For a jeweler in a family business to be on the world platform of this scale, this is by far the most humbling experience. With over 100 global concourse shows, all copying Pebble Beach, Brilliant Stars will be at the top of the collectible car world. “For us to be on that stage is a very big deal.”

Best of Show Award Ceremony – August 20th !

Sh5 Billion Tanzanite Auction Centre Nears Completion

Mwandishi wa Habari

A modern auction centre for tanzanite gemstones, being constructed at the cost of Sh5.4 billion at Mererani, is nearing completion.

The trading centre will be the sole facility where the rare minerals found only there will be auctioned for buyers from within and outside the country.

Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development Minister Angeline Mabula was on an inspection tour of the site and expressed her satisfaction on the construction progress.

Best Jewelry At The LA Premiere Of ‘Barbie’
Diamond Barbie

Lights, camera, sparkle! We’re taking you down the iconic pink carpet for the LA premiere of the ‘Barbie’ movie – where we spotted the most dazzling jewels that would make even Barbie say, “I want it all!” Get ready as we showcase all the glitzy gems worn by Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, and even Ken himself – Ryan Gosling, that would make even Barbie herself envious!

Denver in September: HardRock & GemFair
HardRock Summit, AGTA GemFair, DGMS, & More!
Promoted as America´s defining show for high-end jewelry, gemstones, minerals and fossils in the Fall season, the HardRock Summit and AGTA GemFair appear ready to go!

In their latest press release, we see that the HardRock has combined forces with AGTA, which certainly could make it the premier gem and mineral show in the Americas. Having to battle September dates with Bangkok, Vicenza, Hong Kong, and London, not to mention the holidays, we still anticipate good attendance and excellent opportunities to find exceptional gems & minerals.

Events: the Canadian Mega-Conference
CGA's 65th Anniversary Mega-Conference
Keynote speaker, Edward Asscher
The Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA) is celebrating their 65th anniversary this year, making them among one of the oldest gemmological institutions. The Mega-Conference will be held at the Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver, BC on the 20, 21 & 22 of October, 2023.

“In keeping with our reputation as an educational and professional association par excellence, we have this year for our 65th Anniversary Conference, our keynote speaker, Past – President of the World Diamond Council – Edward Asscher, who will share an insight into the future of the industry”, said Donna Hawrelko – President CGA.

Jewelry for Wildlife
Columbia Gem House Announces Fundraiser
As the pioneering brand in responsible sourcing of colored gems, Columbia Gem House will be the first to tell you of the many elements in the supply chain that make up responsible sourcing. One of which is the environment, and the wildlife inhabiting it, in the places where our gems are produced.

Coming October 2023, Columbia Gem House (CGH) and non-profit partner CR2IFS will launch the Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser supporting wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and research along the Sonoran Coast of Mexico. CR2IFS supports the health and wellbeing of the wildlife relying on the same ecosystem as Cortez Pearl oysters; Cortez Pearls® being one of the featured gems in this year’s project.

100% of the raffle ticket sales will be donated to CR2IFS in support of their 2024 goal of building a saltwater tank for sea turtle rehabilitation.

Idar-Oberstein: The Show of Shows!
Highlights: INTERGEM: Idar-Oberstein
INTERGEM at the Idar-Oberstein Exhibition Centre will bring together important players in the jewellery and gemstone industry from 29 September to 1 October with around 90 national and international exhibitors.

Top-class names such as Groh + Ripp OHG, Karl Faller e.K., Hermann Grimm KG, HC Arnoldi e.K., Arnoldi International e.K., Kreis Jewellery GmbH & Co. KG, Emil Weis KG and many more will represent the local industry!

Thanks to their contacts, which have been built up over generations, they are always able to offer exclusive and rare stones and outstanding and opulent pieces of jewellery.

The Battle Still Rages!
A Give Away - Lab Grown Diamonds For FREE
Steven Singer Jewelers promotes natural diamonds
Steven Singer Jewelers, a name well-known in the jewelry industry, known for Ad campaigns like, “I Hate Steven Singer,” and “Does Size Matter,” has announced an extraordinary initiative. Steven Singer has what only five years ago was "$3 million worth" of lab-grown diamonds, and today he’s giving them away.

RGNR - Working the Math. A hundred 50-pointers for $3 million = $60,000/carat. With a little assistance from our friends at Gemworld, we found that in 2019, prices were roughly $3,000/carat.

The jeweler who sells nationally online, with a brick & mortar flagship store in Philadelphia, aims to celebrate its unwavering commitment to Earth Born DiamondsTM and educate how the mass production of lab grown diamonds has caused their rapid decrease in value by roughly 90 percent, making them almost worthless.

Steven Singer, the founder and CEO of Steven Singer Jewelers, expressed his excitement by saying, “Steven Singer Jewelers doesn’t believe in lab grown diamonds because they lack what makes Real Natural Earth Born Diamonds so special: the incredible formation over millions, if not billions, of years,” said Steven Singer. “There’s been a debate in the industry, but I knew anything that can be mass produced infinitely will rapidly lose value, which is exactly what happened as production scaled. Lab grown diamond value continues to plummet and I just don’t feel right about selling them knowing they will be worthless one day.”

Crystal pipes – are they actually safe to smoke?
Safe, or Not Safe?

Not a good idea!

When crystal pipes images hit influencer accounts, everyone was clicking “add to cart” at the online headshop. Crystal pipes are ethereal, drawing in people with myriad interior decor styles.

And touted as “all natural.”

These pipes provide the perfect visual for a layout or cannabis photoshoot and add a nice touch to a stoned night in with friends. The cute smoking accessory was built for the social media era, and it showed.

Soon after the first lovely pipe hit the market, they were everywhere. Today, a quick Etsy search yields over 3000 results. They’re clearly popular, but is it safe to smoke from them?


National Association of Jewelry Appraisers NAJA
60th Annual ACEit Mid-Year Education Conference
August 12-14, 2023
Providence, RI
@ the Hilton Providence

Jewellery Valuers Association
JVA Registered Valuer Conference
September 8-10, 2023
Holywell Park, Loughborough University

World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO
Congress 2023
Jaipur, India
October 3rd - 5th
Registration for CIBJO Congress 2023 now open

CGA 65th Annual Gem Conference
Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 20th-22nd, 2023

Gem-A Conference
November 5th, 2023

Gary Roskin
Speaking & Teaching Engagements

NAJA - Providence Rhode Island, USA
An Insider’s Approach to Diamond Grading
Saturday, August 12, 2023

JVA - Loughborough University, U.K.
Practical Application for Diamond Grading
Saturday, September 9, 2023


Chicago, USA
Brush Up Your Diamond Grading Skills
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
ONLY 8 Slots Available


CGA - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Observations in Diamond Grading
October 21-22, 2023

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