September 2023



Lakewood Twp. Stormwater Basin

Retrofit Project Update

Selecting Appropriate Plant Species for Basin Retrofit Projects

The Lakewood Township Stormwater Basin Retrofit Project had a productive spring seeding season. Five additional stormwater basin retrofit designs have been implemented throughout the municipality. Stormwater basins provide a location to capture excess stormwater runoff due to changes in land cover, such as construction and development. For this reason, stormwater basins experience prolonged periods of both inundation and drought. When planning the types of vegetation to install, the seed mixtures need to be carefully selected to withstand extreme conditions. Visit OCSCD's Blog to find out more.

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Fall Seeding

Fall is right around the corner, and September is a great time to seed!

Whether you're seeding a construction site, or creating volume on your residential property, learn the proper way to seed. Click to read our guidelines for improving your lawn's health.

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Join us for this year's Jersey-Friendly Yards Conference on Saturday, September 30, from 8:30-12:00pm, followed by a Native Plant Sale from 12:00-2:00pm. Cost: $20 per person.

In New Jersey we’re seeing the impacts of a changing climate, including in our yards. This year’s conference will focus on Jersey-Friendly landscaping practices that help us prepare for climate-change challenges like heat, drought, intense rain and flooding. Featured speakers will be Dr. Christopher Obropta (Extension Specialist in Water Resources, Rutgers Cooperative Extension) and Christopher Miller (Plant Center Manager/Conservation Agronomist, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service). Take home some climate-ready, wildlife-friendly native plants at the native sale! Click to Register.


September Gold!

This month, enjoy watching American Goldfinches feed on waning Woodland Sunflowers (Helianthus divaricatus) and witness our various native Goldenrods bloom their brilliant yellows, like a beacon for buzzing bees and butterflies. Use the Jersey-Friendly Yards Plant Database to find colorful natives for your yard.

American Goldfinches and other seed eating songbirds feed on Woodland Sunflower (Helianthus divaricatus) as the flowers set seed in September. (Photo by Becky Laboy)

Wrinkleleaf Goldenrod (Solidago rugosa) begins to bloom in September, providing a nectar source for bees and pollen for wasps. Dried seeds are eaten by birds in fall and winter. (Photo by Becky Laboy)

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In 2023 Ocean County Soil Conservation District celebrates our 71st year. We remain committed to building and sustaining a conservation legacy by working with our partners and constituents to conserve, protect and restore our soil, water and natural resources by providing technical assistance, implementing restoration projects, and most importantly through education.

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