OCCDL Anti-Racism Media Starter

Thank you for your response to our first media starter, celebrating APAHM . Especially with the recent events our nation has experienced , anti-racism was the obvious theme to focus on for this second media starter.
Some or many of these writers, titles, artists, and directors may already be familiar names to you. Or, perhaps, only a few. Either is an okay place to continue our common journey. We’ve erred on the side of overinclusion, and aimed to provide different access points to facilitate exploring how to be anti-racist. Responsive to member requests, we have also included leading voices and organizations which you may choose, to give your time or other resources. Please also consider joining @HereWeeRead ’s Reading Together Summer Reading Challenge , and using this checklist/coloring sheet to further expand your reading list.

As always, we welcome your input. Please let us know what has made an impression on you, and what should be included in the next media starter (commemorating Pride). Stay safe and be well.
Autobiographies / Memoirs
(Darnell L. Moore)

(Malcom X, as told to Alex Haley)

(Anthony Ray Hinton)
Fiction / Plays / Poetry
(Tayari Jones)

(Toni Morrison)

(Clint Smith)

(Ntozake Shange)

(James Baldwin)

(Toni Morrison)

(Nafissa Thompson-Spires)

(Ralph Ellison)

(Nella Larsen)

(Jesmin Ward)

(Toni Morrison)
(Alice Walker)

(Rebecca Skloot)

(Brit Bennett)

(Colson Whitehead)

(Colson Whitehead)

(Isabel Wilkerson)

(Ta-Nehisi Coates)

(Zora Neale Hurston)

(Chinua Achebe)

(Zadie Smith)
(Ronald Takaki)

(Howard Zinn)

(Bell Hooks)

(Angela Y. Davis)

(Ta-Nehisi Coates)

(Jennifer L. Eberhardt)

(Patricia Hill Collins)

(NYC Human Rights Commission Report)

(Darryl Pinckney)

(Dr. Beverly Tatum)

(Claudia Rankine)

(Jonathan M. Metzl)

(Matthew Desmond)

(John Hope Franklin)

(Ari Beman)

( Mikki Kendall)

(Ibram X. Kendi)

(Bryan Stevenson)

(Bell Hooks)

(James W. Loewen)

(Layla F. Saad)

(Marc Lamont Hill)

(Ben Crump)
(Paulo Freire)

(Jennifer Harvey)

(Audre Lorde)

(Ijeoma Oluo)

(Ibram X. Kendi)

(Matthew Horace and Ron Harris)

(Anders Walker)

(Richard Rothstein)

(Khalil Gibran Muhammad)

(James H. Cone)

(James Baldwin)

(Michelle Alexander)

(Wes Moore)

(Richard G. Wilkinson & Kate E. Pickett)

(Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and William Barber II)

(Wesley Lowery)

(Dani McClain)

(Cleo Wade)

(Robin DiAngelo)

(Carol Anderson)

(Dr. Beverly Tatum)

 (Reni Eddo-Lodge)
(The New York Times, Nikole Hannah-Jones)

(Scene on Radio, John Biewen)


 (Goop, Robin DiAngelo and Elise Loehnen)
(Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods)

( Race Forward, Chevon and Hiba)

(The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights, Ashley Allison)

(Black Lives Matter)
Original Voices
Virtual Seminars
(Creator: Justin Simien)

(Creator: Lynn Shelton)

(Creator: Ava DuVernay)
(Dir. Ava DuVernay)

(Dir. Rick Rowley)

(Dir. Camilla Hall)

(Dir. Stephen Maing)

(Dir. Craig Atkinson)

(Dir. Orlando de Guzman)

(Dirs. Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin)
(Dir. John Ridley)

(Dir. Jason Osder)

(Dir. Goran Olsson)

(Dir. David France)

(Dir. Peter Nicks)

( Dir. Yoruba Richen )

(Dirs. Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis)
(Dir. Kenny Leon)

(Dir. Spike Lee)

(Dir. Ryan Coogler)

(Dir. Raoul Peck)
(Dir. Barry Jenkins)

(Dir. Destin Daniel Cretton)

(Dir. Dee Rees)

 (Dir. Ava DuVernay)
(Thomas Chung and Kai Song)

(The Atlantic, Jemar Tisby)

(Alex Mlynek)

(Project Implicit)

(Nico Van Ostrand)

(Tuesday Justice , Michelle Palmer )

(Array 101)


(Civil Rights.org)

(National Museum of African American History & Culture)

(Teaching Tolerance)
Read Together
(Margaret Holmes)

(Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman)

(Ibram X. Kendi)

(Bedford F. Palmer)

(Fran Manushkin and Lauren Tobia)

(Kadir Nelson)

(Grace Byers)

(Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell)

(Julius Lester)

(Doreen Rappaport)

(Duncan Tonatiuh)

(Marianne Celano, Ph.D., Marietta Collins, Ph.D., Ann Hazzard, Ph.D., & Jennifer Zivoin)
(Lupita Nyong’o)

(Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury)

(Karen Katz)

(Jacqueline Woodson & Rafael López)

(Ibtihaj Muhammad, S. K. Ali, & Hatem Aly)

(Pat Thomas)

(Cynthia Levinson)

(Carole Boston Weatherford and Ekua Holmes)

(Bobbi Kates & Joe Mathieu)

(Yamile Saied Méndez & Jaime Kim)
Young Readers
(Jerry Craft)

(Nic Stone)

(Lamar Giles)

(Janet B. Pascal)

(Dana Meachen Rau)

(Bonnie Bader)
(Ellen Labrecque)

(Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso)

(Yona Zeldis McDonough)

(Yona Zeldis McDonough)

Young Adult - Nonfiction
(Jacqueline Woodson)

 (Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi)
Young Adult - Fiction
(Kacen Callender)

(Jewell Parker Rhodes)

(Jacqueline Woodson)

 (Julian Winters)
(Rita Williams-Garcia)

(Jason Reynolds)

(Angie Thomas)

(Kristin Levine)
Watch Together
(Dir. Tina Mabry)

(created by Kenya Barrish)

(created by Meg DeLoatch)

(The Roots for black-ish)

 (Dir. Euzhan Palcy)
(Dir. Stefon Bristol)

(Dir. George Tillman, Jr.)

 (Dir. Kevin Hooks)

(Dirs. Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush)
Credit: Babynames.com
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