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Figure Drawing at
City Arts Center 

Clothed Live Model
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center Free For OAG Members. There is a charge for non-members.

Nude Live Model
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
Free For OAG Members. There is a charge for non-members. Members and non-members must be 18 or older.

Inclement Weather
Please check the media or Oklahoma Contemporary's website for possible closing on Oklahoma Art Guild meeting dates.


About Us

The Oklahoma Art Guild (OAG) is a non-profit organization founded in 1954, with the objective of creating, promoting and developing all forms of the visual arts.  The membership includes professionals, amateurs, art enthusiasts and patrons of the visual arts.


Leadership News 
paper_people_chain.jpg You, our valued members, answered the call and said "NO! Do not let this Guild fade away. YES! We will continue to give our support."

These answers have led to a strong and invigorating new Board slate! Let us introduce you to our new officers and directors:

Board Officers:
  • President - Maureen Harvey (NEW)
  • Vice-President - Bruce Campbell (formerly Past President)
  • Treasurer - Michele Boatman
  • Secretary - Shiela Cain
  • Carl Hurst - Figure Drawing/Social Media
  • Kelly Armstrong - Membership/Social Media (NEW)
  • Trina Lee (NEW)
  • Roger Lawrence (NEW)
Appointed Chairpersons:
  • Programs: Ellen Etzler (NEW)
  • Membership: Kelly Armstrong (NEW)
  • Publicity: VACANT
  • Workshops: VACANT - Rita Busch has offered to help with this.
  • Small Works: VACANT - Currently scheduled for December at 1219 Creative
  • Member Show: Annalisa Campbell - Spring 2017
  • Juried Show: VACANT
  • Hospitality: Suzanne Henthorn (NEW)
As this was not an election time, the current Board was authorized per our bylaws to appoint members to open positions. All appointees are current members of OAG, eager to serve, AND join with us all in agreement that this Guild of artists should sustain its presence and support in the Oklahoma visual arts community.

We are excited to introduce you to this slate...these are those who stepped forward for you and acknowledged that 60 years of camaraderie was worth the effort to sustain. Attend the September Member Meeting to "Meet and Greet" them.

September Member Meeting & Demo

Monday, September 19
TIME:  7:00-9:00 PM

Each September, the OAG meets in a different location because the Oklahoma State Fair makes Oklahoma Contemporary unavailable!

Available on NE 3rd Street and north of UNTITLED

In addition to being introduced to your new OAG Board of Directors, you will become acquainted with all that UNTITLED offers to our community. Nationally and Internationally-known artists frequent the walls of the gallery, yet, Laura Warriner, owner, curator and Oklahoma artist, makes certain that Oklahoma arts are embraced on all levels. You will learn of opportunities you can explore as you take in the awesomeness of this space.

After you have soaked all that up - Annalisa Campbell will introduce you to the [PRESS] @ UNTITLED ...an open printmaking studio available to all artists. This will be an interactive/hands-on demo of making a monoprint.
So, by attending this OAG meeting you will receive:
  • Blessings from your new Board
  • Blessings from knowing that UNTITLED is available to you
  • Blessings from creating your own work at the [PRESS]...Annalisa will help
OH...and we are resurrecting the OAG Artist of the Month! We want to see what you have been working on!!! Bring a piece of your work so that Members can again identify you with your "style"!!!!